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What is the Facebook business manager account creation error consequences? 1/3

It is not good to know that the frustration of people is exponentially growing. By doing certain things, Facebook is sending the message to very honest people that “they are not honest. And, because they are not honest.. they will ban them”.

First, Please Wake UP!

Here is a list of things you need to know before expecting anything from Facebook

  • Facebook don’t have a phone support.
  • Facebook don’t communicate.
  • Facebook communication is only you trying to talk to them but they won’t answer you or only to the 1 or 2 people who have contacted them but don’t share how they did that…

Business Manager
This is not the address to create a business manager, but you should see that there is a difference in the URL.
The address to create a business manager is: Business Manager Overview (https: business.facebook.com/)
But, as you experienced it, many people around the world couldn’t create a Facebook Business Manager Account in 2020 and even from mid 2019.

Is Facebook discriminating?

I am not sure if you can read on your device the small little sentence in a huge super website… it says that Business Manager is limited to only some US users and will be rolled out very soon internationally.. From the 04/02/20… for an advertiser it has been super crucial to know when , WHEN WHEN??? but no just a little sentence that you will maybe never find yourself… so all January month is lost. Minus one month, two month, three? “GOOood LuckK!” as my friend says to stay polite…

Why only some US Businesses?
As I told you before, there is no communication. You have to guess… it is very sad.

What people have tried?
Street or Road instead of str, st or Rd abreviations..
Apparently some people could create a Business Manager Account just by doing this trick.

Old Account Vs New Account?
Some others sayw that from an old account they could easily create a Business Manager but that they couldn’t do so with a newly created Facebook Account.

VPN Solution?
Some could create a Business Manager Account by using VPN connection using an US IP address. Then cutting that VPN and using it normally from their country normal internet connection.

Facebook is the cause of many business being shut down from magic violations and super ad spenders get banned. I have seen a YouTube video where someone says that he couldn’t create a business manager but could then create one by adding his page as business website. This I wouldn’t recommend you to do it even if Facebook allows it. (Until When??)

TO CONCLUDE on this one…
Facebook is communicating in very small prints that it is changing the Business Manager Account Creation access and that it will be open to international applicant very soon without any date..

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What is the Facebook business manager account creation error consequences? 1/3

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