What is the Facebook business manager account creation error consequences? 2/3 - chikara houses

What is the Facebook business manager account creation error consequences? 2/3


If you succeed in creating one Facebook Business Manager Account using one of the previous article tricks that people around the web are sharing to each other, You need to know that it is crucial for you to straight away VERIFY YOU BUSINESS with mad Facebook.. So that you are limiting the chances of your Business Manager Account to be BANNED!


  • GOOGLE is the most serious alternatives and they are more educative. You can learn a lot with there platform. They also give you the chance to review your ads or submission in case that —> YOU HONEST PERSON have omitted one little rule that FACEBOOK WOULD HAVE SHUT DOWN YOUR BUSINESS. 
  • GOOGLE has Smart Ads which makes your life easy, you let the robot optimize for you basically. Facebook has CBO’s which are copying that feature of Google.
  • BING called Microsoft Ads, almost a copy of GOOGLE Ads, the interface is very similar and you can import your Google campaigns into Microsoft

Not only you have problems with Facebook. It is a huge issue and "sooo many" people are asking questions but not getting answer.

In the meantime, I learned that Facebook has added an option for you be able to refuse that they keep you Governmental ID for more than 30 days. Whereas, if you don’t do so, they will keep it for 1 YEAR! Crazy! People are scared of identity theft and scams online are increasing so much. There might be a better solution.

New accounts have sometimes restrictions. They can’t like or add friends without passing through again the “not very intelligent” and “always bugging” robot security system which again blocks your account for an indefinite time and reopen it when you don’t know or ... NEVER opens it ever again.

If it asks for a profile picture, it takes 24/48hours to be verified and reopen access.
Hope that i could help a bit somehow. Don’t lose hope, check some YouTube Videos. Check the different influencers channels and ask people if they know about it better than me.

For Your Ads.

  • OUTBRAIN, I have tested this service and I am surprised of the quality of their nice platform. Quality traffic and cheap. You just need to test and test a lot.

Unfortunately , INSTAGRAM is owned by Facebook (I want to cry..lol), but it is also a good alternative if you use INSTAGRAM INFLUENCERS, through their agencies or directly, then you don’t need Facebook.

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What is the Facebook business manager account creation error consequences? 2/3

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