What is the Facebook business manager account creation error consequences? 3/3 - chikara houses

What is the Facebook business manager account creation error consequences? 3/3

What is the Facebook business manager account creation error consequences? 3/3


LASTLY but not the least.
Some other things that I have observed:

After having banned an account, it happens that the system doesn’t find any account linked to the email address after a certain amount of time. I have tested with 3 different emails (believing that their system have some internal technical issues) which accounts have been disabled by Facebook last year. But when we passed the new year. Facebook doesn’t recognize those email addresses. Probably meaning that we can create new accounts using those same emails. Haven’t tried but I guess that it will be a complicate story as usual with Facebook..

  • Facebook won’t tell you why you got banned.
  • Facebook know which websites you visit as soon as you have it opened on your browser.
  • Facebook collect your computer and smartphone info to sell it to advertisers (Ad targeting + pixel on their website + Lookalike…etc..)
  • Facebook have your IP address, you rooter address, you phone address.. and your pictures from your profile. That is how its UNDERPERFORMING robots will ban you from coming back to the platform.
  • Facebook is not advance enough for you to be able to use it from different devices.. when cross-devices and cross-locations is the nowadays way that people use internet and consume online. Example: being connected in one state, travel and then reconnect from another state..
  • Facebook can block new account and restrict them to add friends…etc etc..

…and more.. I will try to make it short. I think that some different information here will help you to understand certain things…

Next see the extra information that I gathered for you:
I hope you find some help in one of those and build a strategy around it..

Ads Manager is different from Business Manager
At the moment Facebook will let you create ads from the ADS MANAGER which is totally different from the Business Manager: I could access to it though my personal page by clicking the arrow just next to the (?) help button> then select “Manage Ads”.

But the Business Manager permits you to do everything from there and connect your different businesses by having different ad accounts. For example, if you are selling good on an online store and at the same time selling courses in how to make an online store or a business online.

It is not fair that some can create a Business Manager and others can’t.

These series of article have been very popular and this is illustrating how much people are searching online about the issue of trying to get their small business in front of the consumer. They are honest people who want to use modern mediums to attract new customers and feed their family through their entrepreneurship labor. 

Try alternatives. TiKToK is also very popular at the moment. create your own community. The future is for the people who have understood that their data created online have a price and that big companies can't just keep coming and getting it for free as input and sell it with a margin on the output side.

I believe that they have to change their manners and start sharing the income with the content creators.

Hope you likes this series or article being closer to how people talk while having a café in the patio of their comfortable house.


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What is the Facebook business manager account creation error consequences? 3/3

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