What is Chikara Houses World Map, A world map with nice colors showing the world without any borders just a plain world

What is Chikara Houses World Map ?

What is Chikara Houses World Map ?

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Chikara Houses features a unique world map in all its locations. This map is distinct because it doesn't display borders between countries. Instead, it's a topographic map that showcases names of mountains, rivers, oceans, seas, lakes, and famous valleys. Notably, there's no mention of cities on these maps.



The map serves as a tool to promote cultural understanding and appreciation. Residents are encouraged to mark their origin on the map, adding their name, a smiley, and the date they moved in. This fosters a sense of global community and connection among residents.

Interactive Element

The map is interactive, with various colored pens available for residents to mark their origins. This not only allows residents to express themselves but also acts as a bonding tool between them and visitors.



The world map has been a hit among visitors, adding a touch of prestige to Chikara Houses. It represents a dream of a utopian world free from conflicts and symbolizes the poetic side of Chikara Houses. The map also serves as a reminder of the environmental factors that can influence human behavior, emphasizing the importance of creating a peaceful and conducive environment at home.


Cultural Enrichment

Chikara Houses has observed that such multicultural shared spaces have enriched human experiences. Residents realize they've been living in "cultural bubbles" and, through interactions and the map, they begin to dream bigger, looking beyond their immediate horizons.

In essence, the Chikara Houses World Map is more than just a decorative piece; it's a symbol of unity, understanding, and the aspiration for a world where cultural boundaries blur, and people connect on a deeper level.


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What is Chikara Houses World Map ?

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