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Cooking Background, Free Cooking Rule

Cooking is incorporated into the Chikara Houses concept but as you may already know it is obvious that the kitchen is the place where all the magic happens in a home. We all have in memory moments in which we were doing some crepes with our parents or the smell of cakes progressing in other rooms of the house announcing a nice indulgent moment for the tea time or desert moment. Or our eyes crying because of the strong onion emanation while helping our grandmother or mother to cook. The different dishes made by our mothers have developed our palettes and are part of our family personal education and culture. Cooking with kids at home is very joyful and create memories. Chikara Houses want this tradition to exist but among residents of Chikara Houses sharing kitchen space.

Sharing a Kitchen With Roommates

Chikara Houses concept uses the cooking moment to create those memories between all residents. They will remember how good (or bad) was the dish made by their friend resident or guest or host. It will be another moment, in this successful hub, that they will use to share their culture, the specificity of their cooking and some hints in how they made something so tasty and refined. Imagine yourself cooking for your kids and telling them that this is how people do in one island in Indonesia or in the high mountains of Nepal or in the green land of Colombia. Pursue your life by positively impacting on people. Positive mind for better human environment and success of projects. For some people the center of the house is the living room. What about the kitchen? Isn't it interesting?!

See that guest need storage space as well. It willl be prepared for you by the host

Cooking With Roommates

When you share a kitchen with your college roommates, do you take the time to cook together, let your friend taste what you just have made. In some places, it is prohibited to cook some dishes because of the strong smell. Chikara Houses made this rule of "Free Cooking Evasion" to made it possible for people to cook what they want. In Chikara Houses you are free to cook and invited to make it an event and share with some other people when you can. Create a conversation and become a "Human" in this connected world in which people eat while looking at their phone.

Chikara Houses concept has a No Friend in room rule  to leave a space for residents to relax and no party rule included in it but any cooking moment and gathering around can be a reason to celebrate, isn’t it?


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Free Evasion Cooking | Rules room


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