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No Shoes Rules Origins - Rules Room

Chikara Houses requires you to leave all the stress from outside at the door. It is also to keep your house clean (street dirt, weather condition, sand or mud) . In Chikara Houses, feet touch the ground, bringing the polarity of the body to zero, a connection with earth. The energy has to flow naturally. Now, how to organize shoes in small space?


How to feel home if your shoes are always on?

Why No Shoes Rule is a good idea? How to organize shoes in closet? Chikara Houses is always trying to improve your home environmental wellbeing.

Shoes are to be placed in a cupboard at the entrance of the house. A close storage cupboard, with nice aeration, evacuating the air outside, but it is rare to find this in apartments or houses. Chikara Houses, therefore, suggests that you take the smelly shoes at the balcony to give them some fresh air. No shoes in the house entryway of shared houses to not get a mess build up. College shared apartment or vacation rental, it is the same, residents of Chikara Houses when coming back home from courses or excursions need to optimize their resting time. 

Feeling home without conflicts between residents arising from one stepping on the precious new pair of shoes of another resident for example. this happened before. Feel home by putting your shoes in the allocated space or away from people if you have fermented some delicious cheesy odors. 


Tips to keep your shoes odorless from No Shoes in House Policy

Recycling your newspapers by putting them inside your stored shoes when back home will help in keeping them odorless.

Changing your socks every day and using different socks for different shoes is a must. The aim here is to keep your place comfortable and not having bad smell being the first thing that people notice when stepping indoors.

In shared houses or when inviting guests, you are letting people enter into your personal environment. From the first instant make a good impression.


Why not showcase your home hub environment made for success?

From past experience, friends of people living in Chikara Houses have been asking tons of questions because they wanted to implement those ideas to their own personal space. Some of those questions where: Is there any bed available at the moment? or when will there be vacancy? because they wanted to move in as soon as possible. People feel that Chikara Houses, because of the minimalism and the set little rules, makes it a perfect place to restart everything for the good or to build their project and work home silently but hard. 

People want to work from home especially when the comfort is optimal and the fridge is not far from them. (laugh)

Relax While Dining

No shoes policy in the house ideas for a full home comfort. Chikara Houses also have mats under the dining table and in the living room, in the form of carpets which relax your feet. Fleece, soft, tender, smooth and gentle kind of feeling when stepping in. It is just a little thing, but it has an effect on how your brain enjoys those contacts.


No Shoes Rules In The World Inspiration

Maybe in the occidental world it is not common, but in the human being world it is. In Japan, India, Africa and the Middle East it is a very common practice to remove shoes before entering your house. Having sleepers in, socks only or even barefoot. 

In Japan, there is a step between the entry door and the indoor living marking the intent of having no shoes inside. There are also some other parts inside the house marked as well with an elevated step showing that sleepers have to be taken off before stepping in. This is just an example of where the inspiration is coming from.


No Shoes Rules Internationally Accepted By Chikara Houses Residents

The experience has shown that people living in Chikara Houses are actually happy with this rule and even ask their invited friends to do so, as they feel like protecting the interior space.

It is a healthy practice for the blood circulation in your body. Disconnect to tally from the stressed outside world. That is why Chikara Houses would recommend to probably not use any socks, but just barefoot or slippers (or additional socks layer if it is a bit chilly).


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No Shoes Rules Origins | Rules Room


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