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Be Clean With Yourself - Rules Room

Clean Kitchen, Respect Roommates

Wash your dishes, because no one wants to do it for you.

Don’t leave food outside and go out, to not tempt flies or pests.

Clean kitchen surfaces are very important because it is a cause of conflict in a house, specially when people need to use items that are just left in the sink. It is recommended to clean what you just used for roommates mutual respect reasons.

Clean Room Motivation inspiration House Rule

Clean room environment and its monitoring guidelines are given by the host. But in Chikara Houses you clean your room. The host won’t enter your room for cleaning reasons. It is your personal space. Therefore, the clean room environment monitoring is on your own. Just feel like at home!

Bathroom organization ideas, Flat Surface Clutter Rule

Having bathroom organization ideas for small bathrooms, Chikara Houses concept pleased all resident with a simple process explained below.

Don’t leave any of your beauty or personal care items on the bathroom platform or next to the sink. All Chikara Houses have baskets for each resident to place all their toilet belongings. This has improved the cleanness of the bathrooms and made it easier for the host to clean that part of the house.

Try to not leave your hair everywhere in the bathroom or other common areas. You are not a cat. (laugh)

Vacation Rental Airbnb Services offered by the Host

Long stay residents (more than 3 months) will have to buy all their personal care items, when short stay guests like Airbnb ones will get from the host free towel, lotion and shampoo. It is part or Airbnb services offered by the host and provides the minimum when accepting people to stay home. Good for you!

Chikara Houses believe that only few rules can be followed thoroughly, when some houses have a long list of rules, it increases more the stress in following strict rules than respecting easy guidelines, more natural ones.


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Be clean With Yourself | Rules Room


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