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No Guests Please, No Guests Allowed in Rooms

In this modern world,  developers are building residences having smaller space, lower ceilings and close to the busy transports. In shared Chikara Houses, in order to create a peaceful space at home, we realized that the room has become,  the place residents find the most relaxing. This implies, having less people in when sharing rental accommodation with friends. During inspections, people are always asking how many people are staying in this house? How many people will be here all at the same time? ...etc. We identified that there is a clear fear of not having their own space.


The Neighbourhood House

No Party in the house.

Besides, Chikara Houses don’t allow any party to occur in the shared house unless it is during the permitted hours by law. This is to not disturb the neighbours. This after getting approved by all residents.

Some exceptional moments during the year, like birthdays or new year or other desired great events can still be celebrated but in a cozy atmosphere. The Naver Line app will be used as usual to inform people in the group that an event will be happening and approval will have to be given by all residents before starting any celebration. 

Chikara Houses concept with this no party rule is taking into consideration residents who don’t want to participate to be able to still find some peacefulness when back home. Reasons are that people outside have their stress, anxiety and social pressure. When back home, they need to find the dream cocoon that they have left. It is important to prevent isolation from others and conflicts between residents or neighbours.

Chikara Houses concept has a Free cooking, evasion through cooking rules room. See it like that: Cooking can always be an occasion to create a gathering and enjoy, isn’t it?

Outdoor Party Ideas For Adults

Chikara Houses advise residents to have loud parties outside in places which are made for it. At the beach, the park, restaurant, nightclub or some other friend house (laugh). Home being a quiet place. 

No friends are allowed to go in the shared accommodation rooms. Only common areas can greet friends of residents. Other people in the home need to be informed about friends coming. 

Chikara Houses residents all use Naver Line app, or are asked to download the application where the host has created a group. The group permits to inform everyone else with one little message. The group is also an occasion for people to share pictures of funny things.

This to say that a chat has been created in order to get approval from all residents quickly before inviting a friend at home. Therefore, this permits for people coming back to go in their room and use that space to relax.

No friends in rooms rule, in Chikara Houses, acts also as a safety rule for wellbeing. 


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No Friends in Room | Rules Room

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