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Guests needs

How to make Guests Feel at Home?

Customer Needs and Wants

Guests want to stay in a safe place, clean and calm. It looks a bit general but it is not easy to meet those points. Having their own room keys can help with safety, even if after a few days you’ll notice that your guests will feel more confident and stop locking their room’s door. 

Being able to cook is very important and getting help from the host at any time, in person or through an application like Naver Line for example (App uses in Chikara Houses). 

Receiving Reservation Request, Provide What You Promised

  • The Wi-Fi is a crucial element because that is from home that your guests want to communicate with their family members or friends.  
  • Washing machines and dryers are available to use at any time. 
  • Washing powder and toilet paper are supplied by the host, therefore, free for the guests.

Guests need to have space in the kitchen, in the fridge and in the room. This for food storage and to be able to empty their suitcase and feel part of the tribe.

Gifts For Guests At Home

There is in the kitchen of Chikara Houses, a little corner, a sharing space, where the host provides sweets and local delights for the guest to enjoy. This space is also a space where anyone, living in the Chikara Houses concept, can share anything that is enjoyable to eat. 

In Tokyo, the different metro lines are private lines, therefore, handled by different companies. This fact has an impact on the cost of the transportation (public). You really need to prepare a special budget for that. From this experience Chikara Houses felt that this problem should be eliminated or mitigated at the maximum. See next, how?

Transport is a huge budget for travelers, Chikara Houses hosts have a card with some credit offered to any new resident. In Sydney, they had from $20 to $40 offered in the form of an "Opal Card" (Sydney transport swipe card). Just imagine your guest going to the beach for free. This is the way to the five stars superhost reward. More than that, you will manage the price of your listing in order to incorporate this price without too much affecting your reservation rate. Even if there is little bit less reservation, Chikara Houses have opted for this option in order to provide an outstanding service to the residents. It is not mentioned in the listing but comes as a gift, a surprise. Some gesture are internationally well received.

Guest Room

It is important to have a non noisy sleep for the guest. The windows of the room are adapted to that with glasses doubled up. Soundproof windows or curtains are the easiest way to satisfy this point.

Hospitality Guru? No!, No Shoes Guru!

Host is making available sleepers for any guests. Having funny sleepers, comfortable ones, or the ones that swipe the floor can add a bit of usefulness for the guest as in the Chikara Houses shoes are left in a space next the entrance to not contaminate the house with dirt and bacteria's coming from outside.

Anticipate Guest Needs

Guests need to be informed about the close neighbours, next doors and under the balcony ones. They don’t need to answer all their questions if they don’t feel like it. It won’t arm you. Let them feel that they are free to be themselves. It happens that guests are coming from overseas and do not know how to handle some situations. 

As everythime, stay very simple and available for your guests. Talking with them will help you to identify their needs. You also gaining by learning about somebody else's culture. Chikara Houses is for a high quality service closer to a family style one than a cold five starts hotel where you have everything but less human warmness.


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