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Anti-pest needs

Organic Pest Control Method For Home

Chikara Houses hosts do not use chemicals to get rid of home pest like cockroaches for example.

It is all based on the cleaning. Cleaning everyday, dusting, swiping and letting the air flow through the house by opening doors and windows have improved the clearance from pests. Only natural pest control methods.

Finding regularity in your cleaning duties is a key element. Simple way to make it easier and fast at Chikara Houses is explained: Here (3mn read) 


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Natural Pest Control For The Home Insects

The secret of Chikara Houses is that every single pipe connection with the house’s wall may have gapes. The host will be filling those gapes and putting some sticky tape on top to seal it. It is not costly, doesn’t require to be an engineer but is super efficient. Areas to check to see if there is no spaces for home insect pests to circulate through your house and walls, or apartment and building foundations are: 

  • Kitchen: under the sink pipes
  • Bathroom: under the sink pipes, bath pipe.
  • Laundry room: under the sink or water evacuation pipe.
  • Windows: old joints to change or to seal. Pest uses also the external part of houses or buildings to pass from one living space to another. 

In our Sydney location the building was infested with cockroaches and those techniques helped to have a pest free apartment. In a year we would find one or two cockroaches which are the big ones that are nesting outside and during summer enter home from windows. Other than that, we can say that we eliminated completely the pest existence in that property.

Organic Pest Control method Without Pest Damage

Another very important element is that in Chikara Houses, there are not much furniture. It is neat and clear. The minimalist concept makes it very difficult for pests to hide.

  • Last but not the least: When Chikara Houses hosts or guests find a pest they never kill it. They collect it and throw it out in nature, in a green area. It is avoiding eggs, non-visible from human eyes, to be deployed by the pest and at the same time it has a sustainable side as the pest is not killed. The pest will contribute to the ecosystem by being put in front of its natural predators outside.

For example cockroaches can be hand picked with a tissue, when spiders can be collected by trapping them into a cup and releasing them outside as well.


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