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Balcony House | Cleaning Needs

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  3. How to Keep a Clean House ?
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Cleaning needs

Keeping a House Clean

Keeping house clean working full time or being too busy to handle it. You can manage your home cleaning by getting everyone involved but how do you do if you are alone and receiving guests ? Chikara Houses have set a principle involving the owner in cleaning. Yes! Daily Clean Home!

On their side, guests can use the laundry and the dryer at any time. Some places require guests to use those two at certain times, generally at night, because it is cheaper for the electricity bill to run them late.

Guest need to feel home as if they were still in their parent home. The are responsible and you are here to help.

How to Maintain a Clean House ?

Hacks to keep house clean are numerous. Here, the cleaning of the common parts like the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the bathrooms, the laundry room and the balcony, is managed by the host. Never ask your vacation rental guests or overnight guests to clean those parts. Instead, inform them that it is a service that you are offering and ask them to be clean with themselves. It always works! Let them know that the room has to be clean because you leave them that personal space. All with a nice positive mood and kind smile.

Show to your guests, on the first day, where to find all cleaning items.

How to Keep a Clean House ?

Make it very simple for the cleaning process. Have a schedule and make sure you divide it into small tasks that you do everyday for a few minutes in a rotating progress. For your guests, this small effort will be one of the points that they will never forget, because you are dedicated to them. It is also beneficial for you as your house will always be clean. The secret of people who have a clean house, at Chikara Houses, is to do some quick 5 to 10mn regular cleaning. 

For example, before watching your movie, clean the kitchen, after the movie, going to the toilet and cleaning it very quickly. Then before sleeping swiping the dining table, an so on. Just little small tasks. You will notice that you won't be tired, you are just a clean person and you can easily manage it before you are surrounded by supporting people. Never forget the whole concept here is to have a better home living for success, an environment that influences human behaviour positively. Chikara Houses mission.


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Balcony House | Cleaning Needs

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