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Host Needs

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How To Manage Vacation Rentals | Host needs

People living with the host need to follow the rules.

Airbnb Rules For Guests

Landlords or Owners always fears are on How to Deal With the Unexpected, therefore, How to Manage Guests.

The truth is that they truly want to be here for you!

Hosts want to communicate, so do not hesitate to talk with the host whenever you have an issue.

Host needs you to be clean with yourself and clean your own room only. All other parts of Chikara Houses which are shared, are cleaned by the host:

  • It is an outstanding service, well above Airbnb Rules Cleaning requirements.
  • It It is warmer and more protective for you, the guest.

Discourage Bad Guests Smoothly

Airbnb Guests Screening by owners is made more difficult to manage. Short Term Rental Vacation can become a nightmare even if you have red all the Airbnb Superhost Guide. Vacation Rental Success is achieved by Vacation Rental Owners who show more empathy towards their Airbnb House Apartment guests.

Simple hosting rule for Airbnb Rental need is to avoid guest's friends influence on the quality of your House Hosting Experience. 


  1. Host needs you to not invite friends in your room. Tell him before inviting friends and get his approval to do so. Chikara Houses allow guests to invite one or two friends during the day and only in the kitchen, dining room and living room.
  2. Host needs to know in advance if you are having financial issues and won’t be able to pay the rent.
  3. Host needs you to respect other residents, neighbours and friends.

The hosting house or apartment will see its reputation deteriorated in the long run if you, plus other people have bad behaviour.

Host wants you to use the power of Chikara Houses to quietly build your project, plan for the future, and work hard in silence for a successful future. Becoming an Airbnb Superhost is easily achievable like that. Chikara Houses have seen lots of students succeeding in their languages studies for example as hosts were able to speak 5 different languages. The skills of the host can make the difference in the future, in where the guests want to go and spend their time. 

Host will always be happy to hear that you reached your goal.

People have been asking:

  • How To Become An Airbnb Host For Others ?
  • How To Be An Airbnb Host Without Owning ?

The true question is:

Is It Legal To Rent Apartment On Airbnb ?

You will need to make your research! But... Chikara Houses from Japan to Australia, passing by The Netherland and France have seen that there is some few similarities in any of those countries: Experience says that you need:

  1. Talk directly To Your Landlord! Work On an Agreement Directly with the Landlord.
  2. If third parties like a real estate agent are involved, Read Your Lease or Rental Agreement.
  3. For Sure Pay your Fees and Taxes
  4. Research what your local laws enforcement regarding this matter are.
  5. Screen Your Guests through Airbnb Message.
  6. Comply With Local Laws


Host needs


How to get 5 stars on Airbnb ?

9 Rules Rooms:

5 Needs Rooms:


Example: Tokyo Airbnb House Location, Japan