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Multicultural Shared Space For The Future

World Map In House

In all Chikara Houses there is a world map. Travelling around the world to gather some experience has shown us that in the future shared home living will become a new way of living in big cities. Shared common spaces creating socially sustainable and peaceful future societies.

All Chikara Houses use world maps to promote cultures around the world. The particularity of the Chikara Houses world maps is that they don’t have any borders between the countries. It is more a topographic type of map, showing the names of the mountain, rivers, oceans, seas, lakes and famous valleys. There is no mention of cities on Chikara Houses maps.

How Does The Host Introduces The Chikara Houses World Map?

Friends Make The World A Better Place

Host explains that we are all humans and asks the people living in to mark where they are from with their name, a smiley and the date they moved in.

A multitude of different pens are available in different colors to let the residents artists express themselves.


Find Your Soul Place & Succeed

Kind Friendly World Map

Chikara Houses in the past had pens casually placed on the floor, aligned next to some relaxing pillows and under the huge world map. Friends of people living in, when visiting, found this idea so cool. It added a bit of prestige in the interior of the Chikara Houses and people envied us living in such a "soul place".

A world map as a bounding tool between the residents and visitors. It maintains a dream of an utopian world that doesn’t exist because of conflicts which never ends. It is the poetical side of Chikara Houses.

But don’t forget how environmental factors can affect human behaviour. What we trying to do is to create ones, at home, for people to have peace of mind, think and succeed from their home hub, their own hub of success. 

Chikara Houses have seen a clear enrichment of human life experience through multicultural homes. This cultural diversity in shared spaces have opened the horizon of many residents who understand that they have been enclosed in "cultural bubbles". Now they can see beyond those boundaries and understand that they can dream big. 

World Map To Dream Big & Go Beyond Our Limited Horizon.


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World Map | Rules Room

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