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Minimalistic Furniture - Rules Room

Chikara Houses are all maximizing space. Lots of storage, only the necessary stuff is kept. 

Some Chikara Houses have a television but it is not what Chikara Houses believe that will be the future trends and TV can actually bring stress at home because of the repeated bad news or chocking images shown to keep you watching.

Chikara Houses suggest you to avoid having any TV at home. Instead, use only a computer, laptop, tablet or your cell phone. All those will be the center of the attention in the future if it is not already. Opt for an empty wall where sometimes you can project images, movies and work.


Minimalist Furniture Design Small SpacesExamples: 

1. Bathroom 

Some small organization ideas for home clutter bathroom: Surfaces are cleared of any pot, lotion, shampoo, make up, personal care elements. Instead, Chikara Houses residents have baskets that store all their personal care belongings. A smart basket organization for bathroom clutter. The result is a bathroom always clean and it actually becomes a relaxing space for some people because it looks more spacious. Nothing is in the way between residents and the mirror (power point, tape...etc...)


2. Living room

Minimalist living room letting the light come in and reflect on the clear colored walls. Only a small table very close to the floor. Work on having tables small enough to be individually used. Chikara Houses have opted for more pillows of different sizes and shapes or seats close to the ground. You can have a sofa, but Chikara Houses advise you again to stay close to the floor.

In Chikara Houses, the sofa is a place to capture the light, so that people can relax by enjoying the sun. During the winter, the sun can still be a source to synthetize some D vitamins. We had residents taking advantage of bright natural light during their meditation moments as well. Remember that Chikara Houses are places where people get the same advantages as people outside but in a comfortable personal cocoon. 

3. Dining room

Dinning room decor minimalist. Chikara Houses have nice tables, it is a place that will be used even more than the living room. People will be talking around that table. Comfortable seats are an important element because people will be wanting to spend a long time eating, talking and laughing together. A relaxing mat under the table is also part of Chikara Houses little furniture. The attention in Chikara Houses is around the people, not the walls or the furniture. But the walls and furniture are here, hidden to accompany the people of the house. The advantage of having some space and some movable furniture that we can move ourselves because not heavy and use here and there.

4. Kitchen room

Minimalist kitchen essentials simple. Chikara Houses kitchens are very clean. There is no personal food in a corner. All the personal belongings are stored in cupboards. Only the shared Free Space/ Sharing Philosophy has food. But all sealed or closed in Tupperware's. The kitchen is place where, actually, there is no minimalist rules. People need to feel comfortable and have everything to make a smoothie, to cook, to warm up food, to have a coffee, to boil water. So a mixer, a rice cooker, a coffee machine, a microwave, an oven to make nice cakes. Chikara Houses kitchens are neat but can’t do without all needed elements. It is not minimalist. It also has a fridge and the most important to not annoy people with strong smelly food, the kitchen should have an exhaust hood.

5. Laundry room 

Chikara Houses laundry rooms have only the laundry machine, the dryer and all cleaning stuff of your home ( broom, vacuum, brushes..etc). That is where the host will be storing also the laundry powder which will be made available for all residents for free. In Chikara Houses, residents don’t pay for laundry powder but can still use their own if they prefer another fragrance. Softener is not provided. Residents will have to get their own softener if needed.

6. Entrance room 

Chikara Houses don’t have any furniture at the entrance. They all have a closet, cupboard like, storage area for the shoes. It has a door to close it and is aerated. A little mat to mark a frontier from which shoes are not allowed in house. The same king of mat will be placed also before the balcony.

7. Balcony light room

Chikara Houses with a light room or balcony have long chairs to relax and enjoy the weather. A little table is also present to be able to put drinks on it or food or a laptop. A mat is present on the floor before exiting to the balcony.

if your light room is a separate one dedicated to it and not your living room, Chikara Houses recommends to have some plants growing there. It is the perfect area to create a home oasis.


Note: The bedroom is a personal space in Chikara Houses. It is not part of the minimalist rules. 


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Minimalistic Furniture | Rules Room

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