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Inspections & Temporary Guests


Inspections & Temporary Guests - Rules Room

Looking For Roommates

Offer to people on inspection a feeling of what is the Chikara Houses concept

Prepare your prospect without any bias

Put in your advertorial, few rules, so that people understand the minimum requirement before contacting you. For example: No Shoes in the House Rule, Be Clean With Yourself Rule or No Party Rule. Advertise that laundry powder, toilet papers and common areas cleaning is offered by the host. Make sure you have lots of pictures of the interior or the house and not the surrounding. People want to see through a picture carousel what it is like to be in Chikara Houses.

After your message screening, you have a bunch of people coming to visit the apartment or house.

House Inspection Tip

Make your guest thing at how it would be living in your home

Prepare some sleepers, very comfortable ones. Your sleepers should be so comfortable that they will act like a trap, making the visitor not wanting to leave your visitor's sleepers when departing. Chikara Houses have always used Daiso sleepers which are actually swiping the floor. Very Efficient! People inspecting the house very often ask if they can take them as a gift. (It is not rude as it is done with an humoristic tone)

House inspection without any hidden parts

Show them all the different areas of the house.

Do not leave any details that are not positive. Let them know everything and what to expect. Being transparent is best for long term trust.

Then invite them to pick something to eat from the Kitchen food sharing space . Ask if they prefer to drink some Japanese green tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Tell them to sit down at the dining table and use that moment to have a chat with them. 

Think out of the box, Home inspection for a yearly full house

The chat moment is an important moment in which you can show them about the world map or the Naver Line application that Chikara Houses concept has chosen for residents communication. It is chosen because of its simplicity of use, the best emojis on earth and the quality of the communication when using the free calling option.

What we have observed from past experiences:

  • We have seen people coming on inspection and staying longer time than expected, chatting with guests, residents or host. Already feeling fine in Chikara Houses before even having filled any contract.
  • We have noticed that it helps to identify who is a good fit for your tribe.
  • We got referrals from people who didn’t stay with us. They just sent us their friends making Chikara Houses always full of tenants.

Reserve a bed for temporary guests or Airbnb guests (from two to seven days stay people)

Some routines can exist when all tenants are busy. Chikara Houses concept tenants are enjoying it to the maximum. There is a need to showcase how cool and nice their living is. Having someone coming for a short term provides a bit of excitement in the house and gives the chance to people to learn about a new culture. The perfect sweet spot mix of people was 3 long term residents, 1 Airbnb short stay and an extra person mid-term resident. Find your own house's perfect mix.

Some people in Chikara Houses also find a way to make a new friend, getting someone free to hang out with: Having the time to party or eat or visit different museums or expositions in the city.


inspection have people coming for few days rules room

Create a Temporary Guest Unforgettable Experience

From Chikara Houses Hosts Feedback

For hosts, it is perfect because it can be a good way to help someone else. Chikara Houses concept that is personalized by themselves. Add in your little touch, always not following the book 100%! (Laugh)

Another thing that we have seen happening from our experience, hosts get live feedback on how people feel at home when a new guest comes for a few days. 

Chikara Houses owners could also clearly observe different behaviour:

  • Who is distant ?
  • Who is happy in the home?
  • Host can then modify something to make it better for that resident. Improving the living conditions for success that is what Chikra Houses concept is all about.

Chikara Houses concept encourages having one person coming sometimes, having different goals from the Chikara Houses residents. It can be a traveller coming to see the city or the region for example. Or, we have seen people from the same city who needed space for few days, book a reservation in our Chikara Houses. From the person coming for short time, the reviews have been amazingly highly ranked. All five stars with very long emotional comments. #AirbnbSuperHostGuide

Those short term tenants bring some atmosphere and story to the Chikara Houses. This rule has been implemented as they are definitely an environmental factor that influences human behaviour for the good. It is also how Chikara Houses concept gets the words to talk for itself instead of spending billions on TV advertisements.