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Free Sharing Social Story

Chikara Houses concept is using here mix of Africans tradition of hospitality and Japanese welcoming philosophy (Omotenashi おもてなし). Anyone coming into a Chikara House should be able to have a coffee, a Japanese green tea or a hot chocolate with a sweet delight. Chikara Houses hosts can try to get a water boiler with buttons corresponding to different temperatures.

For example the Japanese green tea water shouldn’t be too hot when coffee can be very hot.

Some fruits may be available but it is not mandatory as after a while when not consumed it may attract lots of flies.

Free social stories about food do not include the spirit behind it. Chikara Houses work toward a better home environment, hub of success, influencing people behaviour positively. To resume, home is good for us! It is the best place! From our home we design our world and gain in freedom or self-sufficiency.

See next what is this part of the food philosophy from sharing space rules room.

Food Philosophy

This hospitality tradition is a good way to help people remember how you received them. People tend to adhere to this philosophy quite rapidly. They become ambassadors of the Chikara Houses concept. Philosophy of food, mirror of reality: a happy place full of elevating vibes!

The space is not situated on the dining table, but in the kitchen. Image someone or some people coming home for the first time just to visit you, and, having a space from where they can pick up some food. Isn't it super pleasant? The, there is two options:

  • Guests serve themselves and get food from the kitchen like if they were home.
  • Host serve the visitors with food that is sure to be full of good energy because shared by his share mates with love.

This free food sharing space philosophy is continuous and everyday is present for people to share their loved delights with other residents.

Free Sharing Food Ideas Friends Community

The other advantage is that when there are too many people cooking at the same time or people have to wait before cooking (sharing kitchen with roommates for example), people can use the sharing space to eat something while waiting. From past experience, Chikara Houses people stay around the dining table after having taken some sweets from the food sharing space. You talk and you easily create strong relationships between them. 

See the provides list of links below to see the full range of Chikara Houses Rules Rooms. There is a plenty of other ways: Friends sharing recipes can be done also through cooking app or recipe app. Chikara Houses have opted for a sharing philosophy mix of some Asian and African cultures

Sharing food space to create unforgettable simple moments, that is maybe what true happiness is. Happy house! 


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Free Space/Sharing Philosophy | Rules Room

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