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No Chemical against pest - Rules Room

Prepare your house or apartment to be like a Chikara Houses concept one. For that, you don’t want to have any natural home pest annoying you as it can decrease the value of your home and be seen as a dirty place.

Thanks to past experiences, Chikara Houses have found a way to reduce presence of any pest. The only ones present were seasonal insects coming from outside, like mosquitos, moths or spiders. But even for those, we recommend that you just try to capture them and throw them away outside alive. Mosquitos are a different type that needs to be eliminated with light systems.

1. Solutions To Get Rid Of Roaches Fast

How to prepare your home? 

  • Put Your Handy Man Jacket On. First, you will have to go under all sinks of your home and cover any gaps between building walls and pipes. Chikara Houses recommends that you use sticky plaster on top of your sealing work. Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry room.. Any places where pipes are going out through the walls
  • Waterproof Seals Checks. Second, you will have to check all the seals and make sure that they are waterproof. Kitchen and bathroom seals. If they are not or are altered, redo them properly. Chikara Houses have noticed that pests take advantage of those gaps to circulate and hide in homes.
  • Be Clean, A Clean House. Last but not the least, make sure you regularly clean the house and that the floor and surfaces don’t have any food (like bread crumbs for example) or liquids ( like fruit juice for example). Let people living with you know about the  “Be Clean With Yourself Rule”  so that everybody will keep everything clean behind them.


2. Natural Bug Control Without Pest Damage

No Chemical Cleaning Household Against Pest

In Chikara Houses there is no chemical in your household items. Your home base will be clean, restored and prepared well to not let pests circulate freely. When finding a pest like cockroaches, you just take it with a tissue or trap it in a mini container, then, throw it away outside in green areas. When finding a spider, you just get a cup and place it over the spider to capture it in a closed box and release it outside as well. We try to not kill those insects as much as we can. We put them back in the nature where some natural predators will already be..

$0 Organic Pest Control DIY, Just Find Pests Tip

We got several questions on how to find their nests. We don’t have all the information but can speak from our past experience. What we used to do when we found a cockroach for example, before capturing it, we would make sure that the cockroach knew that we wanted to capture it and let it escape.

While escaping, you will be able follow it and find where it will be trying to hide.

Generally, they help us to locate gaps between our home and the wall that we treat later on to not let them circulate again. But doing so you can find all their hidden places and treat them appropriately, one by one, at the end you will notice a huge reduction in their presence or even a total elimination of their presence. 

That was the way we use natural pest control methods to treat home insect pests in Chikara Houses.

Now it is time to apply all those tips!


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No Chemical against pest | Rules Room

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