family happy and having nice time doing activities with children and Chikara Houses notebook and coloring pages

Discover Our Curated Collection of Ebooks and Coloring Pages

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family happy and having nice time doing activities with children and Chikara Houses notebook and coloring pages

Welcome to Chikara Houses - A Haven for Home-Based Success and Family Well-being 

Discover Our Curated Collection of Ebooks and Coloring Pages

At Chikara Houses, we understand the importance of maintaining a positive spirit and a nurturing environment, especially for those who work remotely and cherish family well-being. Our specially curated ebooks and coloring pages are designed not just as products, but as gateways to enriching your home life and enhancing family bonding.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Who are these ebooks for? Ideal for remote workers, well-being enthusiasts, and families looking for engaging activities to enhance their home environment and travel experiences.

  • How can these books fit into my daily routine? Use our coloring pages for a creative break, share a story with your children for family bonding, or gift an ebook to a friend who cherishes mindful living.

Creative Usage Ideas

  • Family Bonding: Schedule a weekly family coloring session using our diverse themes.
  • Mindful Breaks: Incorporate coloring pages into your daily routine for relaxation.
  • Thoughtful Gifting: Share the joy of reading and creativity with friends and colleagues.


Explore the Chikara Houses Concept

Learn more about how our ebooks align with the Chikara Houses philosophy of harmonious living and successful remote working. Discover the Chikara Houses Concept

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Ready to transform your home into a hub of creativity and well-being? Explore our collection and find the perfect addition to your home library. Browse Our Collection




Chikara Adventures Stories with Bonus Notebook and Coloring Pages

1. Adventures of Kiko with Chikara Critters
Dive into Kiko's adventures with the Chikara Critters. This book isn't just a story; it includes an activity notebook and coloring images to engage young minds creatively.
Find out more

2. The Little House in the Woods
Explore the enchanting world of a little house in the woods. This book comes with a bonus activity notebook that brings the story to life.
Discover here

3. The Magic Room
Uncover the secrets of "The Magic Room," where imagination flourishes. This book is not just a tale but a journey, accompanied by a bonus coloring notebook to spark kids' creativity.
Explore the magic

4. The Hidden Garden
"The Hidden Garden" invites young readers to a mysterious world, enhanced with an activity notebook and coloring images. It's a perfect blend of storytelling and interactive fun.
Discover the garden

5. The Cozy Season
Embrace "The Cozy Season," a heartwarming tale with additional activities and coloring images. It's an ideal read for a snug family storytelling time.
Snuggle up here

6. The Chikara Treehouse
Climb into "The Chikara Treehouse," an adventure story that includes a bonus notebook and coloring images, taking children's imagination to new heights.
Climb to adventure

7. Chikara's Night Sky
Stargaze with "Chikara's Night Sky," blending storytelling with a bonus activity notebook and coloring images for a stellar exploration journey.
Gaze at the stars

8. Aisha Chan's World Discoveries
Travel the globe with Aisha Chan in this special edition, available in English, French, and Japanese, featuring a bonus activity notebook and coloring images.
Start the journey

Fiction Stories

A Game of Empires: A Captivating Fantasy Adventure (Digital Edition)
Embark on an epic journey in "A Game of Empires." This digital edition, in collaboration with Creditizens Youtube Channel, offers a gripping fantasy adventure that's sure to captivate.
Join the adventure

Coloring Pages Only Ebooks

1. Diverse Themes for Stress Relief and Relaxation
Unwind with a variety of coloring themes designed for stress relief. Ideal for all ages, these pages offer a peaceful retreat from daily life.
Relax and color

2. Theme Butterfly
Immerse in the delicate beauty of butterflies with these coloring pages. Perfect for finding tranquility through creativity.
Explore the butterfly theme

3. Theme Chikara Houses
Color the world of Chikara Houses, bringing these unique designs to life. A creative journey through imaginative settings.
Discover Chikara Houses

4. Theme Eggs
Enjoy coloring intricate egg designs, a delightful activity for all ages. Engage in this creative and relaxing pastime.
Start coloring eggs

5. Theme Japanese Mount
Color majestic Japanese landscapes and mountains, a serene and artistic adventure.
Color the Japanese Mount

6. Theme Relaxing Mandala
Delve into the intricate world of mandalas, designed for relaxation and mindfulness.
Explore Mandala designs

7.Theme Tree On Clouds
Experience a whimsical coloring journey with the Tree On Clouds theme, blending nature and fantasy.
Color your dream clouds



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Discover Our Curated Collection of Ebooks and Coloring Pages

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