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Aisha Chan's World Discoveries - Bonus Activity Notebook and Coloring Images - Special Edition: EN - FR - JP

Aisha Chan's World Discoveries - Bonus Activity Notebook and Coloring Images - Special Edition: EN - FR - JP

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Aisha Chan's World Discoveries - Bonus Activity Notebook and Coloring Images - Special Edition: EN - FR - JP


  1. Book with story and images easy to read for the parents and simple to understand for the kids to travel in the Chikara real and enjoy this delightful moment. 
  2. Book perfect for travel and it has a creative part in which children can write and draw their own story and another bonus with 3 coloring images to give them inspiration.
  3. Creativity is very important for self development and Chikara Houses is aiming for that for everyone at home.
  4. The storybook and activities are designed by experts to enhance children's creativity and reading skills.
  5. This is a special edition with English, French and Japanese text translation of the story.


  • By reading, children will learn about the importance of comfortable and stylish living spaces while being entertained and engaged.
  • This download includes a storybook, notebook, and coloring pages at a reasonable price, making it a great value for parents.





In the vibrant city of Toulouse, France, young Aisha Chan, always dressed in her adorable Kawaii attire, begins her usual walk to school. Little does she know, her everyday route is about to transform into an extraordinary journey. As she strolls along the cobblestone streets, a mysterious gate appears, opening a portal to "World Gate Discover" - a gateway to the wonders of the world.


Dans la ville vibrante de Toulouse, en France, la jeune Aisha Chan, toujours vêtue de son adorable tenue Kawaii, commence sa marche habituelle vers l'école. Elle ne sait pas encore que son chemin quotidien va se transformer en un voyage extraordinaire. Alors qu'elle se promène dans les rues pavées, un portail mystérieux apparaît, ouvrant une porte vers "World Gate Discover" - une passerelle vers les merveilles du monde.


フランス、トゥールーズの活気ある街で、いつもかわいいカワイイ服を着た若いアイシャ・チャンが、学校へのいつもの歩きを始めます。彼女はまだ知らない、日常のルートが非凡な旅に変わろうとしていることを。石畳の道を歩いていると、不思議な門が現れ、「ワールド・ゲート・ディスカバー」への入り口が開きます - 世界の不思議へのゲートウェイ。




In this download:

- x1 PDF with Short story and images. Bonus notebook and bonus coloring pages.


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Disclaimer: The content within this book, including text and images, was created with the assistance of both human creativity and artificial intelligence technologies.

Aisha Chan's World Discoveries - Bonus Activity Notebook and Coloring Images - Special Edition: EN - FR - JP

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