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How Digital Artist Should Start Their Journey Before Anything

How Digital Artist Should Start Their Journey Before Anything

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How to secure your in browser MetaMask Wallet

Leave your crypto assets in a centralized exchange is not the best way to store your assets. In the past, some exchanges experienced cyber intrusions. Even the big names in the names in the game can be affected by those kind of events.

Use hot wallets in your mobile phone, desktop or tablet

What is called is a wallet that is connected because it is a software that handles your digital assets from your phone, desktop computer or tablet. Here it will important to store the seed phrase, the private key and the public key will be your wallet address. You will be able to name your wallets or create several ones.

Use cold wallets

It is called cold because it not connected to the internet and it is used only to store or transfer digital assets that you are going to use on hot wallets or exchanges (centralized or decentralized). It can be in the form of a USB key or hard drive. You can also see the next type which is also a cold wallet.

Be old school and use a peace of paper

You can actually use just a peace of paper to store your digital assets. Here all you will need is the keys written and all information that are crucial to retrieve your assets. 

For any of those, the most important is to think about a strategy in how you are going to handle the safety around your digital asset. 

An example might be to to split your assets in several cold wallets including the paper form. Then have hot wallets on your computer and smartphone. And have accounts on exchanges to be able to make your assets transit quicker or be available for trading. You might want to transfer a small amount from your cold wallet to your hot wallet and do the same from your hot wallet to your exchange account. Do your swaps or buy some other digital assets. For the seed phrases and secret keys split them into two to three parts. Have one with you and the others stored in the cloud or with your trusted people in the other side of the world or even the bank or a notary. This is just an example. But it is crucial to think about safety first and secure your strategy before involving your assets into the risky digital world.

Many complains throughout the internet about people who can't recover their wallets

Wallets are not perfect, and people tend to rely only on seed phrases. It is important to note that secret keys are even more important. sometimes people forget about that. And it is not yet a knowledge that is mainstream. You need some technical skills and understand how hashing works. Watching some videos about it would be great even if you are not an expert. There is a learning curve. 

Factory resetting your device computer

When using in browser wallets, the information is stored and encoded in your computer. What if you need to do a factory reset ? Well you might be able to retrieve your wallet information btu not sure. As your information will still be their in some partitions of your previous hard drive memory but as time goes, you will be using your computer updating information, downloading files and else. Your old memory will disappear by leaving the space to this new data. So when you do a factory reset, do not use your computer. Try promptly to get a software that will help you to dig into your former files hidden in a deep layer partition of your hard drive memory. The best would be to transfer all your asset from the browser wallet to some cold wallet. Then do your factory reset, then try to recover your wallet, if you can you can then retransfer back your asset as in previous state otherwise create a new browser wallet. The most important part is that your assets are not in a dead wallet. This happen a lot so beware. 

Series of words

Seed phrases are given when you create a wallet. This series of words helps you to recover the wallet from another device. The order is very important. This doesn't guarantee that you will get you wallet back as you have seen before, your details might be also attached to the device you're using (factory reset).Wallets secret key will probably here be the best solution to get back your assets.

Secret key

The secret key is the alter ego of your public key (Your wallet address). It has to be hidden and not shown to anyone. The one who gets it, have full access to your wallet. You need to find a strategy as the one mentioned above in this areticle for example to store it in a safe place or even split it into different places.

Prepare a strategy, safety strategy to protect your assets. That is where you probably should start. When you will be confident and organized, then, you'll be able to start getting, transferring and buying/consuming with your wallet. Strat will small transfers and swaps to see all the costs involved.

Strategy is key!

For example when Vitalik, the funder of the Ethereum Blockchain, received some Shiba Inu in his wallet, he revealed that he has saved his wallet private key in 3 different places and had to recover them all before being able to burn some part and send the rest to an indian releave fund.

See some videos to get started as a beginner in a safe way:

Suggested Youtube Channel: MetaMask Tutorial


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How Digital Artist Should Start Their Journey Before Anything

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