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Remote location, Cabin tents...

It is not crazy to see people planting a tent in their garden, large terrace or backyards. Because people like to escape and don’t have enough time for that, any hot day is a good occasion to do some home-camping.

Having a diner outside behind your house, being able to create an environment far from the noisy streets, being able to enjoy the view of the sky, trying to see satellites, stars, shooting stars and enjoying a restful moment...and more. So many different ways exist to be part of nature, to teach your children things that they can’t learn other than experiencing them.

How can cabin tents be an upgrade for your house?

Cabin tents are becoming the future way for people to enjoy camping because the interior is spacious and people can gather with their friends, family members or tribe. It is also eliminating the weather variable, no more issues with cold weather or the little wind which passes through small holes. Or the water finding its way inside and making your belongings wet, you always realise it in the morning when you have to move for an excursion. 

Would you create a cabin tent like secondary housing in your garden? Why not?

It is very popular and people from the house could use it to escape a bit and work alone or meditate. This little walk crossing from the residency to the cabin tent would be the perfect way to step by step mentally prepare people to pass on the other side and then be more focused.

Chikara Houses from past experience have found that this is conditioning the mind. People tend to be more productive and performant especially if the passage is decorated in a natural way, like huge rocks, a lot of green plants and arcades or pillars.

How to transmit Chikara Houses feeling? 

Instructions: Read the following little paragraph like if you were closing your eyes (if you close your eyes you won't be able to read so please read while picturing yourself in: a bit of humour is always welcome!) and immersing yourself in one of our dimensions:

Just close your eyes and imagine this nice house where you are well greeted,

  • you are sure to find people with a positive mind in it and there is a lot of space and movable furniture.
  • You don’t wear any shoes, you are very relaxed.
  • You are sure to find in the kitchen something to eat because warm people have put in a shared area some nice delights.
  • You get one of those delights, a cup of green tea and you decide that you will pass on the other side, the remote location of the house, in the backyard garden. 
  • You want to do a very important task and need to focus, you are prepared mentally. This wonderful passage between the house and the remote cabin tent make you feel like you are going into another world.
  • You are passing through the nice red Japanese doors walking from one rock to another, at each step you feel a special connection with earth.
  • When you finally arrive in your cabin tent where the comfort is at the top, you sit down on the hairy mat, get a small table to put your items on it.
  • You start working now. 
  • Later, you realised that 2 hours have passed and you did much more than you used to during several hours.
  • You are happy and could even do some work in advance.
  • You don’t want to leave this remote hub, you desire to have a nap on the swing chair. 

When you wake up, you are missing your friends from the residency and go back there energized to chat and share good moments. They are very thankful to you for bringing them such a nice vibe.

You can see that it is all about the way you translate it. Make your house part of the Chikara Houses and adopt a positive mind for a better home environment influencing success for humans and improving their behaviour.

Having a remote location at home is the best recommendation!


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Remote Location, Cabin Tents | Rental Future Needs