NFT Collection Launch Digital Art Forever Pinned

NFT Collection Launch Digital Art Forever Pinned

NFT which artist to follow ?

In 2021, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) dominated discussions in the artistic world. The sale of these unique crypto assets, often in the form of images, has spread and becoming more and more popular.

  • NFT Beeple sold for $ 69 million.
  • Twitter founder Jack Dorsey who sold his first NFT for $ 3 million.

The first NFTs exists since a while but with the boom of crypto currencies people were increasingly interested in the decentralized system. That is when the artists who get their creation copied and modified found some utility in pinning their art digitally. 

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Is GPA really important for international student?

Is GPA really important foe international student?

There are no minimum academic requirements

I believe it is not important because companies are shifting to give the advantage to more experienced based rather than academic records based candidates.

Also it depends on what is goal. Do you study because you are interested in a subject and having fun or do you study towards an income goal?

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How Important is Good Academic Records ?

How is Good Academic Records important?

Strong Academics ?

How I flipped around the conventional model to recover from my school past failures…

Imagine my story as if it was you and what you would have done…

When I was at school, specially from 11 years old to 18, I always hated doing homework. I was very alert and conscious that I am probably living the best years of my life and I didn’t want to pass my time, precious young time, to fulfil my homework duty. Yes! Because I have seen it more like a job not being paid and always told to myself that if it was for me, I would have done it, but it is more a society thing, for the parents, the teacher or other people that I didn’t really care of. What I wanted to do was only enjoying my young life moments.

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NFT's Digital Art: The New Paradigm

NFT's Digital Art: The New Paradigm


NFTs a world to remember

Non-fungible token. A digital token piece of data stored in the blockchain making it technologically unique. A transaction is registered in an online ledger. Every exchange is recorded. The validation is made by several randomly chosen machines. If one fails to validate the transaction, the exchange won't occur. This is a simple way to present it. Several protocols have emerged and they offering more and more transactions per seconds and storing more transactions per blocks.

How is this stuff can become the new paradigm for the art world ? By answering the question that many artists are trying to achieve by exposing their production in art physical art galleries or handling their marketing over to specialists. This is answering to the question of how to reach my audience and fan base? " Artists are certainly sure that someone will understand their piece of expression"


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How To Handle Your Coliving and Apartments For Rent Business Plan

How To Handle Your Co-living and Apartments For Rent Business Plan You want please to feel good and provide them...

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Internet Hosting to Start | Self- Sufficiency

Create your own website and host it yourself (It is not hard nowadays, websites that you build intuitively by just changing models already existing or modifying their text and layout or colors)

Chikara Houses concept environmental space for better human behaviour toward success.

Nowadays, you can have a website that you build intuitively by just changing models already provided. Modifying text, layout or colors in a block swapping easy disposition. Site Builders have made it now easy for everyone to have an online presence. No more need to pay $10,000 to get a web developer to make your website. 

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