What is the Facebook business manager account creation error consequences? 3/3

  • Facebook won’t tell you why you got banned.
  • Facebook know which websites you visit as soon as you have it opened on your browser.
  • Facebook collect your computer and smartphone info to sell it to advertisers (Ad targeting + pixel on their website + Lookalike…etc..)
  • Facebook have your IP address, you rooter address, you phone address.. and your pictures from your profile. That is how its UNDERPERFORMING robots will ban you from coming back to the platform.
  • Facebook is not advance enough for you to be able to use it from different devices.. when cross-devices and cross-locations is the nowadays way that people use internet and consume online. Example: being connected in one state, travel and then reconnect from another state..
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What is the Facebook business manager account creation error consequences? 2/3

In the meantime, I learned that Facebook has added an option for you be able to refuse that they keep you Governmental ID for more than 30 days. Whereas, if you don’t do so, they will keep it for 1 YEAR! Crazy! People are scared of identity theft and scams online are increasing so much. There might be a better solution.

New accounts have sometimes restrictions. They can’t like or add friends without passing through again the “not very intelligent” and “always bugging” robot security system which again blocks your account for an indefinite time and reopen it when you don’t know or ...
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What is the Facebook business manager account creation error consequences? 1/3

Why only some US Businesses?
As I told you before, there is no communication. You have to guess… it is very sad.

What people have tried?
Street or Road instead of str, st or Rd abreviations..
Apparently some people could create a Business Manager Account just by doing this trick.

Old Account Vs New Account?
Some others sayw that from an old account they could easily create a Business Manager but that they couldn’t do so with a newly created Facebook Account.

VPN Solution?
Some could create a Business Manager Account by using VPN connection using an US IP address. Then cutting that VPN and using it normally from their country normal internet connection.

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NFT Collection Launch Digital Art Forever Pinned

NFT Collection Launch Digital Art Forever Pinned

NFT which artist to follow ?

In 2021, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) dominated discussions in the artistic world. The sale of these unique crypto assets, often in the form of images, has spread and becoming more and more popular.

  • NFT Beeple sold for $ 69 million.
  • Twitter founder Jack Dorsey who sold his first NFT for $ 3 million.

The first NFTs exists since a while but with the boom of crypto currencies people were increasingly interested in the decentralized system. That is when the artists who get their creation copied and modified found some utility in pinning their art digitally. 

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Is GPA really important for international student?

Is GPA really important foe international student?

There are no minimum academic requirements

I believe it is not important because companies are shifting to give the advantage to more experienced based rather than academic records based candidates.

Also it depends on what is goal. Do you study because you are interested in a subject and having fun or do you study towards an income goal?

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How Important is Good Academic Records ?

How is Good Academic Records important?

Strong Academics ?

How I flipped around the conventional model to recover from my school past failures…

Imagine my story as if it was you and what you would have done…

When I was at school, specially from 11 years old to 18, I always hated doing homework. I was very alert and conscious that I am probably living the best years of my life and I didn’t want to pass my time, precious young time, to fulfil my homework duty. Yes! Because I have seen it more like a job not being paid and always told to myself that if it was for me, I would have done it, but it is more a society thing, for the parents, the teacher or other people that I didn’t really care of. What I wanted to do was only enjoying my young life moments.

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