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Gather your tribe, the people who fit your house

"Environment factor where you are awesome"

Chikara Houses aim for modern living, successful living and human positive development.

It is good for people to work on being more humble in general but we all need to also push yourself up with positive auto suggestions. A tribe is the perfect thing you need because you need to celebrate your awesomeness.

Home base capitalization on small victories to reach the big goals

Most of the people in the world don't know you. This for sure because we are billions. But your close friends, the closest, know you and with them you can share everything.

  • You will be living in a Chikara Houses concept like an apartment for example.
  • You will be working hard to reach your goals and become independent.
  • You will have some small, mini victories.
  • You know what? You can celebrate those small victories with your tribe.

That's what it is. When other people would think that you are crazy, or that it is nothing like an achievement, your tribe would come and gather with you to share this moment, talk about it, push you forward for the next step.

What you are doing is creating a base of people who are positive around you. A cloud of people that will make your projects fly! A powerful self-enhancement system that Chikara Houses have included in its rethinking of future living space.

Home Hub environment made for success

Your house is personal and maybe you have something you want to share with others. Usually people will use frames, sculpture, trophies, photos or design to showcase their preferred activities or subjects in life.

Actually, even if your grandfathers have been doing the same, it is something that is trending for future living spaces. People want to keep some stuff from the past and Chikara Houses considers it as being fundamental for a good environmental wellbeing.

Chikara Houses has set rules for it to be possible and you will need to set rules that are your own. Living with people who fit your house because the environment shapes our identity. Some will like it and some others not but show negative signs to reflect their opposition. You don’t want them home because it is your comfortable personal definitive cocoon.

Your own tribe, your own rules

Chikara Houses experienced that people fitting all together are building strong memories. Maybe you will get married and leave, but you will never forget this house so opt for a tribe-like-house.


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Gather Your Tribe, People Who Fit Your House | Rental Future Needs