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Rules Rooms Concept

It is important to find the balance between warmness, comfort and problems that can occur when sharing living space with others.

Chikara Houses through the past years has gathered a lot of different experiences that have set some rules that have proven to be successful like in the Balcony House Sydney for example.

When all the rules are applied and that people abide to them, you will always be providing a service above expectations. It is answering to the question, how to make your small place look more luxurious? Not with very expensive furniture but with gestures and a sentiment of protection for the good.

Here is the list of rules. Each page will give you some extra information. after having red all the rules, you will be able to understand what Chikara Houses concept achieves and how it answers to living experiences needs of the future:

9 House Rules To Create Harmony in Chikara Houses:

  • Be clean With Yourself - Rules Room. Open the doors of this room to see detailsEvery person is responsible and will be happy to see that there is some service in the house. They just need to be organised and clean behind them. 
  • No Chemical against pest - Rules Room. Open the doors of this room to see detailsChikara Houses concept has a more sustainable approach to this issue. in every big city there is problems with pests. A different way to fix the problem.
  • World Map - Rules Room. Open the doors of this room to see detailsA good way to create interest and relationship between people is using a world map. Chikara Houses concept provides information in how it is used to create a sentiment of membership.
  • No Friends in room - Rules Room. Open the doors of this room to see detailsPrivate space is important in order to be able to meditate, think, do whatever you wouldn't do in front of other people and provided a feeling of safety. This rule has been one of the keys of the success of Chikara Houses
  • Minimalistic Furniture - Rules Room. Open the doors of this room to see detailsHow wonderful it is to come back home and see the natural light passing through the living space and the clear walls providing a spacious vision. Movable and small furniture to be minimalist.
  • Free Space/Sharing Philosophy - Rules Room. Open the doors of this room to see detailsDifferent cultures exist around the world. other that the earth we share some love of eating different things. Sometimes it is used to show that we like other people. Nice people always share and Chikara Houses concept has made a space to express it.
  • Free Cooking, evasion through cooking - Rules room. Open the doors of this room to see detailsWhen some shared houses are limiting the resident in what they are allowed to cook, Chikara Houses concept sees more an opportunity to express yourself. Eating well is important for human behaviour and success never comes with an empty stomach.
  • Inspections, temporary guests - Rules Room. Open the doors of this room to see detailsThis is the one you should read first even if the last in the list because it provides you a picture of how all the rules rooms are connected. Chikara Houses concept encourages you to have some temporary guests to bring some story and break through any routine.


9 Rules Rooms:

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Rules Rooms Concept | Chikara Houses