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How to secure your in browser MetaMask Wallet

Leave your crypto assets in a centralized exchange is not the best way to store your assets. In the past, some exchanges experienced cyber intrusions. Even the big names in the names in the game can be affected by those kind of events.

Use hot wallets in your mobile phone, desktop or tablet

What is called is a wallet that is connected because it is a software that handles your digital assets from your phone, desktop computer or tablet. Here it will important to store the seed phrase, the private key and the public key will be your wallet address. You will be able to name your wallets or create several ones.

Use cold wallets

It is called cold because it not connected to the internet and it is used only to store or transfer digital assets that you are going to use on hot wallets or exchanges (centralized or decentralized). It can be in the form of a USB key or hard drive. You can also see the next type which is also a cold wallet.

Be old school and use a peace of paper

You can actually use just a peace...

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