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Rental Future Needs

Since the way we live have changed and it is not an evidence that buying a house is better than renting one, few needs will the main ones for the next 10 years at least. 

Nowadays, people want to travel, escape and be able to live in different countries for a while. The new generations haven't followed the model of old people staying in the same neighbour for all their life's.

We can see that most of the points are in line in Chikara Houses concept. Having a better space, an environment that shape your identity, a personal space organized like a smartthing hub or just an environment having a positive influence in improving human behaviour (minimalist, evasion, meditation, comfort, constructive thinking, eco-sensibility, warmness toward others)

6 trends are leading in the future rental needs.


  • People want smaller places, all inclusive. Discover why Chikara Houses belives it: People will be living in smaller spaces due to the real estate developers creating smaller apartments for example.
  • Have people coming back each year. Discover how Chikara Houses realized it: Hosting or real estate investment for rental income is of the leading trend. Owners want people to come frequently again and again, it is the safest way to rent always to same good people.
  • Gather your tribe, the people who fit your house. Discover how important it is: Harmony is a must when you are planning to leave with people that you don't know about. It is interesting reading to see how Chikara Houses tackled that one.
  • Less transactional, more unique so no competition. Discover how Chikara Houses gained doing it: Having a thrid party taking care of the money is good but we will still see a large number of people handling it themselves. How to make it less transactional? 
  • Host closer to guests. Discover the main Chikara Houses point: When some people stay distant, the future rental trend is going in the other way around. People want the host to be present at the right moment. Do you have the good timing?
  • Remote location, Cabin tents. Discover what Chikara Houses sees in it: An evasion area in the house? Some people in the future will be looking for an area meaning of evasion at home. In the garden for example. See how everyone can make it and change environment behind in the same place.


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Rental Future Needs | Chikara Houses