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Safety needs

Ensure Safety of Travelers

Local or international travelers, they have this question in mind: How To Stay Safe While Traveling Alone. Chikara Houses concept have seen more travelers coming alone than groups of people. Some items and attitude toward them make them feel better and safe. And as you already know after having red all rules rooms (from the top menu), you know that we privilege to be very simple and not stressed.

For example: Having alarms that detect smoke, sprinklers, extinctor for paper, oil and electrical fires. Your guest won’t have the fear to use your kitchen when seeing that you have all safety equipment's. Chikara Houses have observe that some people tend to not use home facilities because they are not sure about how to use them. It happens for real and that affects wellness because they never feel like at home. During the little welcoming home tour, ask them if they know how to use a mixer for example. The mixer example is good because it creates also noise and can disturb everyone at home. Make them feel confident in the fact that if it is here is to be used and that you are very easy going. To be safe guest need to feel home, that what we believe at Chikara Houses.

Safety and Privacy, Airbnb Rentals or Similar

Vrbo, Airbnb, HomeAway or your own rental business consideration of safety perception from guests have to include a little privacy part.

Being able to leave their luggage's and electronic items at home. It is not mandatory to have a safe, but having at least one cupboard where your guests can lock their belongings is always appreciated. 


Safety of Vacation Rental Property, No Friend Rule Room (See from top Menu)

The fact that guests can’t invite friends avoids some issues linked with other people coming home and not knowing how to behave. It decreases theft hazard. 

For reading owners, make yourself available by digitally connecting to your guest.

For reading potential guest, let your host know if you are going out for a long time. Host can stay in contact with you through a Naver Line application or Telegram for example. Host wants you to be safe, so let them know if you plan to go away for few days for example.


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Balcony House | Safety Needs


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