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Less transactional, more unique so no competition

The perfect equation!

You are sharing your living space following Chikara Houses personalized concepts. You get people paying you the rent or you are hosting temporary guests. It is important to make it less transactional.

People want to have an enhanced experience and their loyalty is linked more to emotional moments than tangible things. You can use this simple lesson in order to get like Chikara Houses your guests becoming your brand advocate.


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What to do when you don’t know your customer, guest, tenants? 

From past experiences, Chikara Houses have found that if we don’t know people we should become experts in our surrounding environment to know what to offer. The offer has to be relevant and timely.

For example, when receiving Airbnb guests for a few days in one of our Chikara Houses in Sydney called the Balcony House, the host would prepare a transport card with some credit in it. It is a small gesture, but so helpful.

The guest could go to the beach and explore one other place before having to top up. So here, just getting an Opal card (Sydney’s transport card) and putting $20 in it, would create a very strong loyalty sentiment transforming guests to advocate for the house and next visitors.

This is an example in how to be unique in your gesture and push away the competition.

Household items in your smartthings hub

Another example of Chikara Houses, is one having a kitchen cupboard filled with food essentials, like pasta, some different sauces, some cans, water in the fridge and orange juice, cereals and some sweets or chocolate. When the guest comes for the first time, it is amazing to be able to cook after a long trip and eat. Chikara Houses guests were actually made the first dish so that after their shower they could eat and chat.

Guests have been giving five stars reviews just for this gesture. What was particular is that for the oil, sugar, salt, spices or other side dish elements, other residents would offer the new person to use theirs. That is how in just one day, guests would feel home and start working on their projects, goals or explorations.

This hub of success is not labelled like that but provides everything needed for guests to be able intuitively to be productive and have good resting time.

How to attract people who will like your  personal environment?

Emotions here are shared first through the announcement online. It has to describe the key elements of the Chikara Houses concept. 

Show pictures, tell them the truth about what to expect, provide a quick sentence to resume how the mood is in your house. Then, when they come, greet them with nice gestures and make it easy for them to start (Like asking what they like to eat in general?, how you could help them?, Sharing some of your time with them to explore the city or go eat or just play game...etc)


Advantage of emotional reward

When you create some human relationship and you show them that you understand them and care, it is less transactional, it is simple but rare, it is also a good way to push away the competition because this person will remember you and maybe refer you to friends or family members. 

So remember, the equation is: Less transactional +  More unique = No competition 

It is a sign of success and Chikara Houses concept offers a good environment for a better winning human behaviour.


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Less Transactional, More Unique So No Competition | Rental Future Needs