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Guests are different and have fears

Overnight guest, long term guest or airbnb guest, you will gain by being naturally closer to them. 

Try to be on their feet, how would you feel in another country?, another neighbour?, another bed?, with some other people?, can you be natural or do you have to act a bit?, speaking some other languages?...and more. 

Chikara Houses rules

Chikara Houses propose some rules that have proven to be efficient and that will make your guests understand that you're open minded but firm which is very hard to balance out. Learn some non verbal greeting manners, like smiling, having your hands open or not turning your back after having opened the door for example.

A world map to be closer to guests

The tools used by all Chikara Houses hosts is the world map. It is a world map without any borders, only mountains, oceans, lacs, rivers and plains. The map is a message of openness between humans in the world.

A sustainable world without any border conflicts, the Chikara Houses utopia.

People have been finding this exercise of locating their hometown fun and hard at the same time. They really enjoy it and can explore the map to see where all the residents or people who can in the house, are from. Names, date and a smiley, this is how to sign in the map.

You will be surprised to see how all those small details incorporated in Chikara Houses are making people feel well and wanting to stay forever. This is actually how Chikara Houses concept became popular because people were talking about it. Chikara Houses on TV, never,  because TV advertisement are not used at all. People talk about it around them and like it. Well, now that you found us, enjoy it and talk about it as well. 

Naver Line used to host the house group chat

Chikara Houses from the past experience in Tokyo have adopted the Naver Line to power its communication system. 


  • It is an application that residents download, it is free and permits to communicate for free and have one to one or group calls. Calls can be phone calls or video calls.


  • It is the most fun application to use when you want to create some relationship with people because it has the best emojis. 


  • People also have a personal wall where they can post their stories, videos or pictures. The last thing is that there is some memory handled by a cloud system that permits people to store their documents, notes, photos or videos. 


  • People can connect to it using their cellphone or laptop. The only thing needed is an internet wifi connection.

Chikara Houses hosts have been collecting rent receipts using this application, sending general messages like safety ones or informational ones.

The anecdote is that some residents who went on holiday could send videos and photos helping other residents to virtually escape. One resident sent pictures from the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the highest Volcano on earth and the highest mountain in Africa. 

Another resident sent a picture while in the north of Senegal in a small village showing the cows coming back in the village after a long trip searching for some grass kilometers away.

Some other places enlarging the scope of the people living in Chikara Houses like: South Korea, Germany, Thailand, Kazakhstan and France. 

Chikara Houses concept encourages you to be closer to your guests and use the Chikara Houses Rules and concept in general to make it easy as it is proven to work.


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Host Closer To Guests | Rental Future Needs