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Have people coming back each year


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Chikara Houses have seen people coming to study for 3 month and enjoying the house concept. They have then become ambassadors of Chikara Houses. They have been sharing their experiences with their friends in their countries and school. It is good but nowaday we also need people sharing on social networks in order to reach and benefit the most.

In fact, people like to travel, to share experiences, to come back with new cooking techniques or another vision of the world. When you enjoy a country or a home, you try in the future to go back. You know that it is a safe place, you have your marks, you have your habits, you have created strong relationships and  you have projects there.

Chikara Houses atmosphere is a mix of all those feelings and is good for people hosting or professionals of accommodation. Why not change the model to contribute also to people success and provide them with all needed to gather with their tribe. A home hub of success having some rules that guarantee a balance between people who don’t know each other, increasing the probability of success to almost 100%.

Use Chikara Houses concept for your hosting business

People come back each year because, they have different goals each year

For example someone visiting your Chikara Houses concept in Australia, will be coming each year because you provided that person with the assurance that it is the best place from which they can go and come back after each exploration. Their goal is to visit Australia which is a huge country and can’t be done thoroughly in one go.

The goal of your guest here is to continue working from your home and explore new places in Australia and come back to your hub to relax and enjoy. You guests will be able to communicate with their home friends and talk about how nice your place is.

This emotion has no price, it is providing a feeling of happiness, safety and free advertisement.

Chikara Houses encourages you to make your home more enjoyable because the environment affects human behaviour. A sustainable place for human healthy success.


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Have people coming back each year | Rental Future Needs