Build my personal environment.
Planet goals & positive thinking.
Sleep and energize my body.
Fully live amazing days.
Chikara Houses,
best places to be.

Make it work!

Rules Rooms

Chikara Houses follow certain rules that have proven to be efficient. To induce harmony in the living space.

Be in the future!

Rental Future Needs

Chikara Houses sharing vision and giving you everything you need to understand the change in human habits. Home as base and an evasion space.

Improve and experience!

Balcony House Sydney

2 years project in which people have enjoyed Chikara Houses principles and improved themselves. Environment have an effect on human behaviour.

Unique items!

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Storage Room, Game Room, Indoor Green Room, Beauty Room, Sports Room, Sleep Room, Zen Room, Office Room...and more.
Products that you don't find in your local store but only here.


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Financial self sufficiency, social, safety and lifestyle. Some ideas to build your freedom and quality life from home.