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Chikara Agile Sprint Architect Master Assistant GPT Made For Home Workers

Chikara Agile Sprint Architect Master


Streamline Your Work-from-Home Experience with CASAM. For Remote Workers & Freelancers, Students, Home Office Owners and Well-Being Seekers.

  • Agile Project Planning, Backlog Creation & Prioritization, Empathy Cards & Personas
  • Customized Learning Pathway, Efficient Time Management, Optimized Workspace Organization. Business Architecture Planning
  • Mindfulness & Stress Management, Personalized Advice.
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Chikara Office Ace Assistant GPT for Home Workers and Well-being seekers

Chikara Office Ace


Elevating Remote Work and Learning

For Remote Workers & Freelancers, Students, Home Office Owners and Well-Being Seekers.

  • Task Automation, Project Management, Creative Assistance
  • Homework Helper, Study Planner, Language Learning
  • Workspace Organization, Document Management
  • Mindfulness Reminders, Personalized Tips, Unique Features like Visual Representation
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Chikara Econo Metrics Assistant GPT for Home Workers

Chikara Econo Metrics


Empowering Remote Work and Personal Finance Management

For Remote Workers, Freelancers, Students, Home Office Owners, Well-being Seekers

  • Automated Financial Reports, Budget Variance Analysis, Budgeting Tools, Income and Expense Tracking
  • Educational Financial Models, Career Path Analysis
  • Expense Optimization, Risk Assessment, Personal Financial Health Check-ups, Stress-Free Financial Planning, Mindful Spending Insights
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