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People want smaller places, all inclusive

Creative use of the space will increase in the future. Developers are working on making apartments which are smaller in space. From the 18th century Haussmanian architecture to the modern ones nowadays, it is noticeable that room surfaces and ceilings have decreased respectively in surface and height. We can see this as a disadvantage but it is actually meeting people's needs.

The world population is increasing and cities like Paris are thinking in changing the urban rules of construction to permit the establishment of higher buildings in the agglomeration. 

People actually want smaller space and all inclusive. This is the new trend and will be going up from next year as we have all experienced in 2020 more time at home than any other years before due to the global health problem that you know unless you were on a scientific expedition on the Moon or Mars. (A bit of humour is nice as well)

Environmental factors that influence human behaviour for small places

Housing shortage, the increasing cost of the land, the cost of a rental property and the increasing number of people wanting to be independent and not stay in their family home are few reasons why the Chikara Houses concept is popular and is adapted to new future modern living (See Balcony House Sydney, 2 yeras of Chikara Houses project). From the experience gathered in Japan, it is clear that people want to have all at home and can live in a small place, warmer, with people having positive vibes and all needed elements to succeed. 

Some people like to go outside and come back home only when they need to eat or sleep. This is not concerning those ones but the ones who adhere to Chikara Houses concept and want to have a fun living, relaxing retreat, with their tribe, they work hard in silence and have goals that will lead them to succeed and independence. 

What is the all inclusive small place that Chikara houses propose?

A place having communal areas with all comfort and private spaces to have a quality rest. 

A design which is intelligent and very minimalistic offering modulability. Being able to move some small furniture around to reorient in the living space or towards: windows, the balcony, facing someone eating with you, facing a wall and projecting videos or images and more…

Having the perfect mix of people, not being overcrowded and creating a stressful bubble at home. Chikara Houses propose to have someone coming time to time from Airbnb to bring a story in the house, to share cultures, to be helpful to others and find balance, for other people to know about Chikara Houses concept of living for an environment influencing human behaviour towards success. (See Rules Room)

Example of small space home base

In terms of elements, a strong internet connection, a kitchen having everything needed and modern, a dining table, lots of pillows of different sizes, lots of small tables to be close to the floor, a free wall to use it as a screen, an entry storage for shoes (See No Shoes Rules), lots of free space, no fixed furniture or almost not any, some well adjusted and placed storage (Specially in the kitchen and private spaces). 

Some people will add a gaming or sports or music room in their Chikara Houses personal touch. It is positive and opens to numerous possibilities.

Smaller personal environment and a tactile ambience

Staying at home should be super enjoyable and people should envy you because it is simple and supports the enhancement of your life. Chikara Houses concept is made for multi-tenant use as well as family use or hosting use. All uses should provide the possibility to have recreation time, working time, resting time and communication time (Video conference, live streaming, phone calls).

We have seen some housing making available a computer for everyone to be able to use it to communicate. Your grandmother had a landline phone at home, Chikara Houses have laptops/ tablets with applications. A tactile ambience is created and adds to the prestige of Chikara Houses.

How Chikara Houses can evolve to respond to the need of smaller living spaces?

Chikara Houses propose to have less walls or separations. This allows us to have a feeling of a large space. It lets the natural light of the sun propagate and the air flow. More than that, it provides more possibilities and some flow to the layouts. 

Another thing is about the colors, Chikara Houses concept have very clear walls, very white, very light blue, pastel like or very light grey. This just to provide some examples. Why? It is enhancing positiveness by making home clearer, brighter and auspicious to meditation. It helps to use less light and has a sustainable side.

People are free to use the color they want but from Chikira Houses experience, small spaces look better when they have white walls and people are using less electricity.

Bathrooms are neat and clean. Residents of Chikara Houses have their own baskets in which they store all their personal care belongings. It avoids taking space in the bathroom and conflict between people using the products of others as it is well delimited.

Elderly people advantage in Chikara Houses minimalist spaces

Even if Chikara Houses have been experienced with a majority of young or middle aged people, older people can face issues when living in big spaces. Older people can’t sometimes manage large spaces and prefer to have an all inclusive home where everything is easy to reach. That is where Chikara Houses act like a solution for all generations.

The minimalist design combined with modern elements and easy to move small tables or pillows, makes it perfect for what the older people will increasingly need in the future. Sustainability is not only about the planet, it is also about taking care of our elderly family members.

Japanese Boxes, Chikara Houses Difference

In Japan, some people can live in place as small as a long rectangular box with a TV and internet connection, toilets being shared somewhere else. This is not what Chikara Houses want. Chikara Houses is still attached to the format of our previous generations living space, but wants to improve and update it for the future coming years. 

The technology evolution is going so fast that people will not be able to follow because it is happening now and no one has been prepared yet. Chikara Houses comes with this idea of freedom and success from a comfortable home with people having a positive behaviour pushing you up.

The future trends in housing will see spaces shrinking and people need a solution for that.


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People Want Smaller Places, All Inclusive | Rental Future Needs