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Balcony House Sydney is the latest successful living space part of the global apartment/houses that have adopted Chikara Houses concept. 

There were some different rules to follow in order to make it successful. The environment is an important factor that influences human behaviour. See through the following list what have made this Airbnb Vacation Rental Success. 

Each page is giving you some important points that have made this project successful.

All needs, combined, have been the perfect mix for people to be free and happy living in a Chikara Houses concept property. 


5 very important main needs perspectives

They have influenced human development and helped to reach different goals in a relaxing, warm human good vibes and comfortable hub of success:



how to keep a clean house, how to always have a clean house



How to Manage Vacation Rentals?

What every guest room needs lists exist online but Chikara Houses are opting for a more simple hosting model. You don't need to be a hospitality guru. You know how to greet your friends isn't it? Just anticipate guest needs with a minimum of guest room and bath preparation. 

Receiving reservation requests and getting rewarded with a 5 stars is like being in the luxury in hospitality. A feeling of proudness. You guest is super happy, no need to gather thousands of guest needs and satisfaction surveys. Just go through the Rules Rooms and the Future Home Needs to have an overall view of what people really want from you. This Balcony House Project gives you an extra example in how it has been applied.


Vacational Rentals, Family home Atmosphere or Airbnb Ideas Wifi Focus

In our digital world, internet speed is almost crucial. You will have to see depending on your locality, what is a good internet speed mbps or what is a good internet speed for gaming if your are more focused on the improvement of your family home environment. You can use a free internet speed test for streaming that you find through any search engine.

If you having a vacation rental business, Airbnb guest access for example can be done by providing a secondary connection with allocated special Airbnb guest wifi passwords. If you wondering how to set up wifi for Airbnb, you need to see with your internet provider who will explain you how it works with your specific wifi box.


Ideas in How to Keep a Clean House

Some people use a home cleaning supplied checklist, Chikara House is more relax on the procedure but not on the cleanliness. Chikara Houses concept favorises minimalist cleaning list. No need to search for "what do I need to clean my house ?". You have everything at home. Privilege self responsibility. More details are on the cleaning needs above. 

However, if you are new to cleaning, you can get online many cleaning supplies needed for new home vacation rental business.


How to kill home insects?

Insect repellent plants vegetable garden or home remedy for garden insects or plants that repel insects roaches especially didn't find perfect solutions yet. Then, how to keep bugs out of your backyards? Pest resistant plants? No! Chikara Houses concept explains how not killing pests has helped to actually helped to eliminate them from the Sydney Apartment which was in an pest infested building (Spiders, Cockroackers, Moth, Ants...). 


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Balcony House Sydney | All Needs | Chikara Houses 



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