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About Us

Chikara Houses from the Japanese word meaning power: Chikara. You are a Powerhouse, inspiration and success is a matter of knowledge and environment. Keep learning, we take care of your environment to put everything on your side to succeed.

We help you to build your own Chikara House, improving each room, designing the way that fits you.

Be independent in a home, hub of your success, ideas and positive vibes.

The concept takes you through different rooms but it is not limited to those, you can invent your own new room. It can be an imaginary room or a real room. It also includes a part in which you have the ability to change your model of living for a more independent one based on work from home solutions due to the global changes in habits. 

Chikara Houses, environmental factors that influence human behaviour. Improve your personal environment to shape your identity from your home base. Smartthing hub with household items to support your wellbeing, from home to garden, office or outside relax coffee moments. A happy home where people word hard in silence, project life mastery for successful living.

History of Chikara Houses

The Balcony House Tokyo Azabujuban which inspired Chikara Houses concept creation, In September 2014.

Right in front of the Tokyo Tower at a walking distance to Azabujuban station. In the city, but so quiet. Next to the famous Tokyo Shiba Tofuya Ikai restaurant. 

Having a super terrace on the top of the building for all residents, this place has been over the expectation of its residents.

Inside, as you know, space is crucial in a Japanese apartment. We actually had good lighting, tables, bedside storage, a closet, an entryway and a balcony facing the Tokyo Tower. The king bed in a corner with the TV at the perfect level. It was an Airbnb, but the host added some services which has made it become the best luxury apartment ever. The host left some Japanese soup easy to cook, some juices, milk and water in the fridge. Vegetable cans, some tuna cereals and Japanese sweets. The bathroom had a nice expensive lotion and moisturizer. We can’t cite all the nice things that the host has prepared for us, but the most useful was the little internet box that we could use remotely and take with us anywhere in Tokyo and not work from home but in some cafes. It has a chip like a telephone but provides only the internet access. For people who have been in Tokyo, you understand how valuable this gesture was. The simplicity added with this little touch of hospitality from the host, has inspired the creation of Chikara Houses for a need not fulfilled anywhere else yet. People needed this.

The Balcony House Sydney By Chikara Houses, From April 2018 to April 2020.

Chikara Houses concept has been collecting data through a live project. This project has shaped the way people will live in the future in our big cities and create a living space hub from which they will relax and succeed in life.

The location was: 160 Goulburn street, Surry Hills, 2010, Sydney. A nice residential building in the famous Surry Hills suburb of Sydney. 

The problems we were trying to solve were but not only:

-How do people who don’t know each other find a way to live together?

-How people with different goals would use the comfort of a house to reach their different dreams?

-How to handle the small space and make it look spacious?

-How to handle the cleaning tasks?

-What are the limitations in the freedom of each resident?

-What is the perfect mix of people to have a nice atmosphere in the house?

-How a balcony can become a social space bonding people with each other?

-How to handle the pest issues?

-What about the noise levels?

-Can we succeed in life from home?

… and more(maybe link to the Rules Room)

Our project has been actually very successful and people have been commenting about it on social network. Read more: Balcony House Sydney

Chikara Houses Online Offer On to Serve Worldwide and Share Concepts, From August 2020.

We are sharing more of our experiences through our website since August 2020 and aim to reach people globally as we gather experience from different countries around the world. You will be able to impulse our reach and participate by sharing through instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat, Youtube or any other social network. Just leave us your email to participate. As we don’t pay advertisements on TV, we will give you the chance to get better offers as you will be a natural affiliate of our concepts in general.


We send the products from our local warehouse which are located in your country or in your geographical zone. For example in the United States, from the United States or the E.U. from Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy or Spain. When not available there, we will be sending the products to you from our warehouse in China where more than 90% of the products in the world are manufactured from. Some companies are making their products in China and sending it to their own country, modifying it a little bit, and using a regulated ratio in percentage of how much is made in China vs in their own country in order to be able to label it as made in their own country.  We prefer to be transparent regarding this point and let you know the origin of the products sold in this store, their warehouse location and manufacturer origins as well. 

See: Sourcing Diagrams | Quality ProcessDiagramReturn Policy | Return Diagrams

Win-win-win Benefits for You, The producer and Us

What do you think of a brand that never spent billions on TV advertising, don’t need to think of how to pay huge bonuses because their business model doesn’t offer any to their boss? Think that is good for you because usually it is the customers who pay for that. Adding to that, online stores and platforms like us offer products and concepts, reducing the costs involved because we don’t have physical stores worldwide. You will naturally benefit from it.

Chikara Houses spend nothing on any of this. We only sell online, don’t advertise on TV and don’t have greedy owners. We prefer to let our Chikara Houses Concept, products and positive reviews do the talk about us!

Sustainability and Eco-responsibility

Normally, there are a ton of intermediary people in the chain who are getting profits from a product or service in the form of a monetary markup( agents, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, packing and control, shipping and more). By eliminating those intermediary people, we are able to offer better prices and lower the foot carbon print because the merchandise is not transported several times to different locations. We think that the old system should be improved and that is why we opted for an online presence. We are working hard in ways to digitize our business. We digitize the chain as well (No paper, only emails, online product catalogue, not physical catalogue, work with top safety online partners, safe browsing, safe payments and more). You have direct contact with us, we have direct contact with our manufacturer. The products go directly from us to you. We propose as well some digital alternatives for you to be able to organize yourself and develop from home. We also will be blogging on better ways to manage waste for example. From our huge experience, we are able to help numbers of people and contribute to a better planet (a wish). As we move forwards, by eco-shopping with us and browsing through our site, you are directly and indirectly contributing to this sustainable effort. 

Thank you so much for your support

Home comfort minimalist hub of success environment for better human behaviour

Find your room of success for repeated life indulgent moments!

P.S.:We want people to come back and feel like travelers that we have hosted in our houses. They had a safe and secure place to relax and reflect peacefully.

We want people to enjoy the comfort so that they can become better like us. We had to move several times to other places from where we lived to be able to think and act well, to make good decisions.”


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