Leeloo vs OneUp vs TopStep | Financial Independence Challenges Reviews

Leeloo vs OneUp vs TopStep | Financial Independence Challenges Reviews

Leeloo vs OneUp vs TopStep | Financial Independence Challenges Reviews


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Finance Challenges Review

Chikara House has found that a way to get the freedom in life and auto sufficiency is to work from home in a high earning activity. The problem is that they are some alternatives but they require you to work a lot. To take courses and specialize. There are few trends online about for example investing in real estate, but it requires people to have already worked hard and saved a lot of money.

There are few alternatives at the moment that we will try to update. 

It’s been more than 10 years now that people are trying to open their own website to sell their services based on their knowledge. It is a really clever and good way, cheap and boosts self-confidence when it works. Another technique used by people who are good at writing is done through blogging. There are different techniques to make money with a blog. The best writers just upload their books directly to online book stores. 

It is not easy, it demands a lot of work, and before you quit your job to become independent, you might lose patience and become irregular in content creation or just lose your initial inspiration. Most people fail because they stop midway.

The last one exposed here will be about not risking your own assets but managing other people assets. 

Some big companies have understood that instead of giving billions to one single trader to manage, it is better for them to cut it into small amounts and let millions of traders trade those amounts. This limits a lot of their risks of loss. Adding to that some rules that qualify and disqualify people. 

Exams to get a funded account? Exam conditions being a little bit easier than the real funded account condition but very close to it. One example but not the only one: you can trade during news released on evaluation but not when having a funded account. A little fee will be required to pass any evaluation.

You will need to learn and as you progress, you can use those platforms to test your ability to manage funds on the financial market. What is demanded is that you learn how to manage risk. Most of those companies are working with the future markets.

They basically ask you a fee to participate to a 10 to 30 days test, after which you will be granted a fund that you will be handling remotely, if you succeed.

What is good in this business?

  • You just need your laptop
  • You can work from anywhere in the world as soon as you have an internet connection.
  • They don’t ask you to make too much money every month to maintain your fund.
  • If you are able to manage their rules and keep the fund (Not disqualify), it means that you are part of the world of the profitable traders and you can be proud of yourself, your strategy works!
  • You can showcase your results and be followed by many people if you want to become professional and sell your services in the future to people who are already trading but  having more losing trades than winning ones.
  • You can use trading view to share your analysis and build a community

What is bad in this business?

  • You need to learn trading and how to use a trading platform.
  • The rules are very strict and demand you to be organised in order to not miss on any of them.
  • There are many companies in the world offering those services. Which one should you choose?

There are plenty of organizations providing this kind of opportunity but we have selected three of them which are leading the market. Some of them are very close to professional traders rules when others are more flexible.

The Best Funded Trader Programs of 2020 and 2021

Best Funded Trader Programs Lists of Top 3:

Best for Trading Futures and Forex: TopStep with respectively TopStep Future and TopStep Forex

Best for Trading Futures with Professional Rules: OneUp Trader 

Best for Trading Futures with Amateur Rules: Leeloo Trader

How do we know if funded programs are good for us?

Most of the traders search online and read all the rules. You can use an excel cheat and compare their different requirements. Some have a 2 step trading exam when others have only a few days or 15 traded days evaluation. Leeloo has a fast track evaluation, when OneUp has a 15 days evaluation and TopStep has a 2 steps evaluation with more rules in the second step.


How can I get paid to trade with those funded-trader compagnies?

You can actually as you said get paid to trade with those companies. You need to go to their websites and read the main page where the different offers are displayed. You can, in fact, choose from different account sizes to trade.

Then read their FAQ where you will get all the answers to your questions. Also in those FAQ, you will find detailed links to other pages in their websites digging into the subject furthermore. Fully funded trading account is given only when you succeed at the test. 

Chikara Houses concept of environmental factors for a better human behavior can be the perfect atmosphere you need to concentrate on your trading strategies and learning moments.

They offer trials to test if you are ready to start the evaluation. You will get experience and learn that trading is about managing risks. Not many people are aware of this solution to become independent from home comfort. Your home is your hub to succeed from where you work hard in silence.

3 Best trader Programs

They are very different, pick the ones that you believe correspond more to your trading strategies. Read their rules and information before starting any evaluation. Use the different links to navigate through their websites.

They all have a vast network of funding partners looking for traders who have passed their evaluations. Their business model is to get paid by the fees that you are paying to them to access that evaluation step. Therefore, if you show talent, you get funded!

1.OneUp Trader for Futures with Professional Rules

You will be evaluated, placed with a funding partner and start trading.

Just 1 step evaluation, prove that you can trade and you will start working for their partner fund. That’s how easy it is!

OneUp acts like an intermediary to your success being mandated to take evaluations for the funding partners. 

You become a future funded trader. It is all thanks to your skills and performance. There is proudness of success and increase in self-confidence.

  • Account size choice: from $25,000 to $250,000
  • Evaluation steps: only 1 step evaluation to get funded by partners
  • Trading platforms allowed: They are listing 20 different leading platforms 
  • Community: Yes, chat and private performance dashboard
  • Analytics available: Yes. Updated at the end of each trading day.

Besides, you keep the first $8000 and you get 80% of the profits after that.


  • You get relevant analytics
  • The funding process is very easy
  • You can trade from anywhere in the world
  • The process is very transparent
  • The community is active
  • Large range of account options
  • The one that has the most professional kind of rules of trading. When you succeed with a Oneup evaluation you can call yourself a trader for sure.


  • Can’t trade overnight
  • Can’t trade on important news releases, one minute before and one minute after the news.
  • You are considered a professional trader when trading with a fund partner, therefore, you need to pay the license of the trading platform that you have chosen to trade from.

To start:

  • You chose the account size
  • You pay the fee to start the evaluation

Hint: Do some paper trading (demo account), then use their 14 days trial to see the community, the personal analytics dashboard and trade with the same conditions as in the evaluation.


  • 15 days minimum of trading
  • Maximum traded days: No maximum. (monthly fee apply if you want to take your time and trade through few months) 
  • Trade only the permitted futures (huge list)
  • Trade during permitted times (No overnight trading)
  • Respect the maximum position size (number lots/contracts depending on the chosen account)
  • Reach the profit target (net amount in the PnL)
  • Daily loss limit: Don’t let your PnL (Profit and Loss) reach the daily limit.
  • Trailing drawdown: While trading don’t let the market hit lows corresponding to the max drawdown allowed.
  • Be consistent: Any 3 trading day profit and loss added up should result at least at 80% of your largest profitable day. (Control how much you win)


  • Choose from the list of trading platform which will be free during the evaluation
  • You will also get news releases on your dashboard, advanced analytics and will be able to talk with other traders like you.
  • Follow the guidelines, hit the target and get funded by the partners.

2.Leeloo Trader for Futures with Amateur Rules

They talk about a performance-paid trading program because you will be trading and they will be copying your trades to place orders with funding partners.

Here it is another system in which you will have to trade a demo account and be paid as if you were trading a real account. Some of your trades may be passed on to the real funding account or not. But you get paid anyway on your side.

You are suggested to trade less and live more.

There are few rules only and they try to lead the market by giving easy access to funded accounts.

They want traders who are intelligent, understand trading and do a trading plan which is clear to understand.

To start: 

  • Choose the contract sizing first
  • Choose the target
  • Choose the max drawdown

They want you to find the right account type at the beginning.

You have the choice between:

  • 3 contracts maximum: $1500 profit target, $1500 Max Drawdown (LTMAB), No Daily Loss Limit, Keep First $8,000 100% yours ,80/20 Profit Split.
  • contracts maximum: $3000 profit target, $2500 Max Drawdown (LTMAB), No Daily Loss Limit, Keep First $8,000 100% yours, 80/20 Profit Split.
  • 12 contracts maximum: $6000 profit target, $3000 Max Drawdown (LTMAB), No Daily Loss Limit, Keep First $8,000 100% yours, 80/20 Profit Split.
  • 15 contracts maximum: $9000 profit target, $5000 Max Drawdown (LTMAB), No Daily Loss Limit, Keep First $8,000 100% yours, 80/20 Profit Split.
  • 25 contracts maximum: $15000 profit target, $6500 Max Drawdown (LTMAB), No Daily Loss Limit, Keep First $8,000 100% yours, 80/20 Profit Split.
  • 30 contracts maximum: $20000 profit target, $7500 Max Drawdown (LTMAB), No Daily Loss Limit, Keep First $8,500 100% yours, 80/20 Profit Split.

Leeloo Evaluation days for Funded Trader Account:

  • Minimum trading days is 10 days
  • Maximum trading days: no maximum ,after 30 days you will pay the monthly fee.

Hints: Leeloo trading is the easiest of the three selected here.


  • There is a reset fee of $75 if you want to stay in the evaluation but you failed on the maximum drawdown or daily loss limit for example.
  •  You are not disqualified when trading news or trading overnight, it is permitted.


  • Easiest evaluation of the 3 selected here.
  • You can trade overnight
  • You can trade news
  • There is a plenty of account choice
  • You don’t pay for the trading platform


  • You trades will be copied and placed if necessary, you won’t know if your trades are running in a demo account or in a real funded account, it is Leeloo who has the decision as it is mentioned on their website. But it is not a problem for you unless you need the recognition of being a professional trader.
  • You will get the status of amateur trader but not professional trader.

3.TopStep withTopStep Future and TopStep Forex

Here they clearly say that you need to prove that you are worth it to earn a funded account.

How does it work to get a funded-trader account?

  • Demonstrate that you have the skills and a strategy that works.
  • Show that you have the ability to manage the risk.
  • Get funded with a real account and keep the first $5,000.

A guaranteed funded account for the normal performers. TopStep is one of the best options as the company is showing all details in the website being very transparent and being a U.S. based company. It is easier to get information from this company than others.

There is an impressive performance review on their website with a testimonial from a real TopStep trader that is happy with the service saying that it is what he is looking for since a while.

Keep this number in mind: $38,162 is the record earned by a daytrader in a day on TopStepTrader ‘s website. They are very confident to show that number and are the most trustable company when it comes to funded trader accounts.


  • Company information more accessible.
  • You can get packages to educate yourself.
  • Advance trading performance analytics.
  • Most trusted trader funding company.
  • Largest number of funded accounts
  • Largest dollar amount of traders withdrawal per year
  • 15 days traded minimum, no maximum days.


  • 2 steps evaluation before getting a funded account.

Lots of true testimonials of people who were professional traders and are now trading with all retail traders through TopStep Trader Company.

They are also mentioned in numerous top notch newspapers or financial magazines like Forbes for example. 

They have a strong reputation.

To start:

Step 1: Prove You Can Profit.

  • 5 days only.
  • Respect the max drawdown.
  • Respect the daily loss limit.
  • Trade only permitted huge list of products

Step 2: Manage Risk.

  • Same rules as in Step 1
  • Lasts for an extra 10 days
  • Plus Weekly loss limit to respect.
  • Plus do not trade on news releases.
  • Plus follow the account scaling plan

Then you are funded and you start making real money. 

You keep the first $5,000 made before profit split.


Ranging from $30,000 to $150,000


If you want to do some swing trading (hold positions for multiple days), you can opt for a TopStep Forex account where it is permitted.

Read their FAQ which tells you everything else in detail.

They ask you to just show what you got to have your freedom and funded account.


Have a full overview of the Chikara Houses CoLiving Concept by entering in the Chikara Houses Rules Rooms and Chikara Houses Needs Rooms:

9 Rules Rooms:

5 Needs Rooms:

Leeloo vs OneUp vs TopStep | Financial Independence Challenges Reviews

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