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Website Hosting to Start Reaching People From The Internet

Website Hosting to Start Reaching People From The Internet


Create your own website and host it yourself (It is not hard nowadays, websites that you build intuitively by just changing models already existing or modifying their text and layout or colors)

Chikara Houses concept environmental space for better human behaviour toward success.

Nowadays, you can have a website that you build intuitively by just changing models already provided. Modifying text, layout or colors in a block swapping easy disposition. Site Builders have made it now easy for everyone to have an online presence. No more need to pay $10,000 to get a web developer to make your website. 

Chikara Houses concept residents can now create their own content in order to showcase their personal work. Other reasons to have online presence:

  • To sell services to professionals or individuals.
  • When you have your own website you enter directly into the entrepreneur world
  • You can use your website for your curriculum vitae
  • You can use it to give birth to any project. Now it is live!
  • Publish your pictures, eBooks, drawings, sculptures, journey or reviews.
  • To become a blogger and build a community. Social networks are good but when you start getting an audience you need to have your own website to have your freedom.

Social media's biggest networks can decide to quick you out anytime like Facebook is doing with its not very clever AI, closing accounts of innocent people who feel treated like criminals because they have “violated a rule”.

Relax! if you have your own website you will be able to bring in only the people interested in your services and products.

No need anymore to comply with some rules that are made to actually transform you into a user prone to purchase, a super consumer, therefore, help them to become richer.

What about you in this story?

As you now understood, no one is going to make it for you. 

We have gathered on one page all the best hosting services for full freedom. They have extended services, we will make it short in our descriptions but you will get the essential. You can use the link provided to explore yourself further more.

Numbers are here just to enumerate them but doesn’t mean that the last one is the worst. Thank you for your understanding

7 Best Web Hosting Sites selected by Chikara Houses concept


  • Super support
  • Free domain for the first year
  • Super easy one-click WordPress installation
  • SSL certificate (Safety of your website) for free
  • Try them for 30 days (Money back guarantee)


  • Marketing tools are available to boost your website visits and work showcase.
  • Website building available!


  • Hack fixed guarantee (super protection against online risks)
  • Free website migration (if you were already using another platform and want to go with the bests)
  • Possibility to try them for  30 days as well (Money back guarantee)
  • Free SSL certificate (safety of your website)
  • Good plans if you want to host several websites
  • Generally the choice of agencies and businesses for its reliability.


  • You can pay monthly or yearly, to engage yourself in different timeframes.
  • Google Cloud platform for a maximum reach and better website connection.
  • Self-healing Technology for the safety of your website from the risks existing online.
  • Build for speed, good administration and support.


2.WP Engine

  • The best WordPress website hosting platform. Specialists of WordPress
  • Fast, reliable and secure WordPress
  • Directly build your website on their platform
  • The one to bring your vision to life. It is matching Chikara Houses concept for success.
  • Safety: blocking internet attacks
  • Fast websites and scalability. You can grow your audience safely.
  • The platform to express your ideas the way you want.


  • You will get WordPress core updates and automated backups. It is important to not lose everything when you have a bug.
  • Applications performance monitoring option available. They have everything for you to succeed.
  • Google, Amazon, Big Commerce ecosystem integration.
  • They have different plans and you will get insights on your website performance.

This is one of the best in the list matching Chikara Houses concept and goals of residents. They have premium WordPress themes and Genesis framework included.

4.Inmotion Hosting

  • The Secure website hosting. 
  • Fast websites with best uptime.
  • 30 days money back guarantee limited offer
  • Focused on business growth
  • Full service: Web hosting, Servers, Special WordPress solutions
  • Free SSL secure 
  • Ecommerce solution, resellers solution, professional solution


  • They are very efficient in website transfers. If you are hosted somewhere else, they can help you to quickly evolve with them.
  • They have a website builder and you can get a professional email.
  • Your data is also backed up.

Chikara Houses concept has chosen this one because they are always ranked part of the best hosting websites. We can’t ignore them if everyone reaches their goals thanks to their platform. 

Their customer service is based in the US.


  • Shared hosting type of service so for every website.
  • Unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. Peace of mind for you. You can scale up.
  • Free domain for the first year.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • One-click WordPress install
  • Several plans which are all on sale now! For a limited time
  • check availability
  • One third of pros choose their services and two thirds are newbies. So it is good service for everyone, meaning also it is easy to manage.


  • They have very fast websites as well with 99% uptime.
  • They provide cPanel access, a dashboard to manage your website which is necessary.
  • They have an ecommerce tool and you will get free $100 to advertise your website on google. Amazing limited offers with HostGator.

Chikara houses concept picked this one because it is the happy website building one. With lots of offers. Easier to reach your goals when you don’t spend much but get needed service. Their SEO tool will help you to place your keywords and people to find you on the web when they are browsing through search engines.



  • To create a website that you are proud of.
  • The easiest way to bring your website alive without any technical skills.
  • Freedom to create, design, manage and develop your online presence. 
  • Good for business, showcasing work, blogging or even online stores.
  • SEO tool, customization and personalization.
  • Build unique websites


Wix uses a very clever editor which is user friendly and helps you to overcome the technical fear. You will be starting to get your freedom by having an online presence showing what you can do.

  • You can build a website by just answering questions.
  • You can have your own logo made by just following steps and answering their logo builder’s questions.
  • You can be a pro or a beginner, your website will look like a professional developer website. Build like a pro.
  • Their websites are optimized for mobile use as well. 
  • You can get a custom domain so that you can have full personalization and give an identity to your project.
  • You can accept payment and grow your business. Their website templates are just amazing.

Chikara Houses concept believes it is the easiest way to have a website at the moment.

But it is not always ranked as being the first and best website hosting. But do you really need to have the best of the bests or just want to act now to get started. You have seen the website migration if you want to move your site with another hosting service.

Wix can be a good first move for people who are scared of the internet and think that it is requiring technical skills. You will be surprised when you will understand that anyone can do a website nowaday.


  • Here you will start by choosing a domain name
  • Domain names are very easy to get and modify
  • Search availability of your desired website domain name
  • Lots of website templates available.
  • Paid plans for eCommerce. Possibility to differentiate from the crowd by hosting your ecommerce site with Godaddy. Pick your plan
  • Great support, largest domain registry and no better place to find a domain name.
  • They have a website builder and SEO tools to get found on the web.


  • Godaddy has something particular because all is at one place, domain, website builder and marketing tools.
  • Simple way to create professional websites with their website builder.
  • Know who your visitors are thanks to their marketing tools.

Chikara Houses have chosen Godaddy also because they have an amazing AI tool called Godaddy insight that helps you activity to get crucial online data that you would never be able to get by yourself.

This data gives you insight that helps you to make a decision, the right decision for your growth and success. This is in line with what Chikara Houses concept is looking for its residents to succeed.


Have a full overview of the Chikara Houses CoLiving Concept by entering in the different Chikara Houses Rules Rooms and Chikara Houses Needs Rooms:

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Website Hosting to Start Reaching People From The Internet

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