Chikara Houses CoLiving Concept Shared Home - People enjoying seated on chairs, sofa and floor with a laptop on a pillow sharing home good vibe and sobriety of design

Chikara Houses CoLiving Concept Shared Home

Chikara Houses CoLiving Concept

Traditionnal CoLiving spaces set rules with the first tenant choosing cotenants to live with.
While new tenants enters the room, they are part of this college of people choosing who is going to be the next person coming to live with them.

Chikara Houses believes that this is just going to create a place with people ruling others and having the same networks, keeping it closed to only the same cercle. It may create conflicts and that is not what Chikara Houses intend to build here.

Chikara Houses centers the responsibilities on the owner. One single reference for the guaranteeing that the rules are followed and being the authority. Other tenants can now enjoy and not mind about those annoying responsibilities.

Here we cultivate more a caring community gathering good team players. It is modern and an improved shared living.
Chikara Houses believes that it will be in the future a huge phenomenon.


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Chikara Houses CoLiving Concept

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