Chikara Houses Travel and Students coliving nothern america shown in a map and a student handbag  displayed with some opacity

Chikara Houses Travel and Students

Chikara Houses is a travel and work supporting concept or go abroad to study friendly hosting place

Imagine your university student kid going abroad and arriving in a Chikara Houses place. Students have been enjoying staying in chikara Houses and could perform well in their study.

Why? because it is all about atmosphere! Safety, caring selected people and peace of mind for the family living far away.
Some have build very nostalgic moments that they will never forget.

Do you know a place in advance where you can predict that in the future you will be thinking at it knowing that it was so nice to be there?

 Have a full overview by entering the Chikara Houses Rules Rooms and Chikara Houses Needs Rooms:

9 Rules Rooms:

5 Needs Rooms:


Chikara Houses Travel and Students

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