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Differences Between Sakura Tree and Plum Tree



Sakura Tree Of Plum Tree

This amazing separator retaining the sun lights has been used to create a relaxing atmosphere in Chikara Houses Sydney, Australia. 

The owner has always believed that it was a Japanese Sakura tree. But when he hosted a Japanese Airbnb guest, the guest said that it was Chinese and that the tree is a plum tree which is starting at the end of February

What interesting information. It added a bit more poetry to the scenery offered by the separator which became suddenly a little bit more precious to them.

Now, this Chikara Houses owner is suggesting and offering to guests a relaxing moment. They can use acupressure mat to release endorphins.

This is a valuable offer that guests appreciate. He is at the too with 5/5 stars and long very detailed guests reviews.

Chikara Houses the hub of success that you build yourself. A House of happiness. Gather your tribe and work hard in silence. Become independent and self-sufficient. Live in a shared space good for you.

The goal is to improve the home environment to influence human behaviour positively. 

Share with us about what was your best moment in shared space ?

If you are wondering about what is the difference between cherry blossom and Sakura? or asking yourself: Is Cherry Blossom and Plum Blossom the same?

First let see some points that will help you find an answer:

  • Petals: The Sakura flowers have a small split at the end of each petal.
  • Leaves: Sakura tree leaves are green.
  • Tree trunk: Sakura tree trunk presents some horizontal lines, like little splits (lenticels).

Whereas, the plum tree:

  • Petals: No splits at the end of petals.
  • Only one flower coming out of the bud.
  • Leaves: Plum tree leaves are small and purple.

How do you identify a Sakura tree?

There is no precise answer but let's try to see some points:

  • A bit of pink on a white flower.
  • The umbrella shape of the crown.
  • Leaves are green.
  • New flowers pink then turning white before falling.
  • The number of petals, starting from five to more. Kanzan variants have 28 petals for example.
  • Flower scent with more experience you will be able to tell. (Not easy)

How do I identify a plum tree?

Some hints to help you identify plum tree:

  • Reddish or purple leaves.
  • Round buds, not ovals.
  • No cluster of flowers, one bud for one flower.
  • Sweet fragrance, nice flower smell.
  • Petals do not have splits at the end.

Now, see the picture above and tell us what you think about it: Do you still think that it is a Sakura tree? 


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Differences Between Sakura Tree and Plum Tree

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