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Differences Between Sakura Tree and Plum Tree

Differences Between Sakura Tree and Plum Tree



Sakura Tree Of Plum Tree

This amazing separator retaining the sun lights has been used to create a relaxing atmosphere in Chikara Houses Sydney, Australia. 

The owner has always believed that it was a Japanese Sakura tree. But when he hosted a Japanese Airbnb guest, the guest said that it was Chinese and that the tree is a plum tree which is starting at the end of February

What interesting information. It added a bit more poetry to the scenery offered by the separator which became suddenly a little bit more precious to them.

Now, this Chikara Houses owner is suggesting and offering to guests a relaxing moment. They can use acupressure mat to release endorphins.

This is a valuable offer that guests appreciate. He is at the too with 5/5 stars and long very detailed guests reviews.

Chikara Houses the hub of success that you build yourself. A House of happiness. Gather your tribe and work hard in silence. Become independent and self-sufficient. Live in a shared space good for you.

The goal is to improve the home environment to influence human behaviour positively. 

Share with us about what was your best moment in shared space ?

If you are wondering about what is the difference between cherry blossom and Sakura? or asking yourself: Is Cherry Blossom and Plum Blossom the same?

First let see some points that will help you find an answer:

  • Petals: The Sakura flowers have a small split at the end of each petal.
  • Leaves: Sakura tree leaves are green.
  • Tree trunk: Sakura tree trunk presents some horizontal lines, like little splits (lenticels).

Whereas, the plum tree:

  • Petals: No splits at the end of petals.
  • Only one flower coming out of the bud.
  • Leaves: Plum tree leaves are small and purple.

How do you identify a Sakura tree?

There is no precise answer but let's try to see some points:

  • A bit of pink on a white flower.
  • The umbrella shape of the crown.
  • Leaves are green.
  • New flowers pink then turning white before falling.
  • The number of petals, starting from five to more. Kanzan variants have 28 petals for example.
  • Flower scent with more experience you will be able to tell. (Not easy)

How do I identify a plum tree?

Some hints to help you identify plum tree:

  • Reddish or purple leaves.
  • Round buds, not ovals.
  • No cluster of flowers, one bud for one flower.
  • Sweet fragrance, nice flower smell.
  • Petals do not have splits at the end.

Now, see the picture above and tell us what you think about it: Do you still think that it is a Sakura tree? 


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Differences Between Sakura Tree and Plum Tree

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