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How Do Some People Stay in Shape Even if Their Diet Isn't That Healthy?

How do some people stay in shape even if their diet isn't that healthy?

It is a very interesting question. It’s been years and years that I am testing different things to try to find an answer to the "good shape path" even if my diet is not that healthy. I want to be able to eat without much restrictions and have  nice body curves, feel good, take stairs without any issues and be part of the fit crew. For some people fit is slim, for some others fit is being round but flexible, others will say that fit is to be able to run at 80 years and above... Just set a goal and be proud to reach it!

I eat at night before sleeping, I am having lots of sweets and I never say no to pizzas or very oily foods. I am now 38 years old, 1m93 for 83kg approx.

I tried three different techniques to try to see what are the involvement of food in my body shape:


1) what happens if you exercise without dieting ?

Eating what I want without following any rules: I did that for 2 years and in appearance my body didn’t change at all. My weight have risen to 89 kg max but it was more like when stretching an elastic and always coming back at around 83 to 85 kg. My stomach didn’t show any 6 pack but seems to be flat. I didn’t had any issues in breathing or climbing stairs. I am doing health checks every year approximatively or every 2 years. The results have shown that my internal fat has risen but not that much. The doctor told me to exercise to lower it so that in the future it is going to be easier for me to prevent any problems. For the moment everything is fine.


2) One Thing That I Have Done To Really Be Like Fit People And Stay in Shape

Doing the Saitama Challenge during 3 month (normally it is for 1 year but I believe that it is not good to do it for such a long period). Saitama challenge is doing:

  • 100 push ups
  • 100 sit ups
  • 100 squats
  • adding to that running 10km
  • This every single day.

The first month was the hardest. At the end of the first month I started to get used to it. I would, or, do everything before work, or, after work, or some days split it before and after. I gave myself that freedom in order to not miss any day in the program.

The second month, was the most enjoyable one. I could see my six pack again, my legs sharpened, and, I felt so light and nice. Sometimes I would add a session of swimming.

The third month, was also pleasant but I started to feel the joints of knees tightening a bit (probably because of the squats combined with the 10k running). During the whole 3 month I forced myself to run the 10km in 45mn, 50mn or 60mn max when I was too tired. But never more than an hour. At that stage I was very satisfied of the results and I stopped because I felt that I could injure myself. Specially the knees.

After 3 months:

  1. I was still 1m93 hahaha, this won’t change
  2. My body weight was between 77kg and 80kg no matter how much I ate.


3) How to be fit ?

Eating vegetables at night, running in the morning 30mn at least, drinking warm water in the morning and having only one meal for a late lunch (2pm, 3pm) with everything needed (a big meal).

Doing this just for a month, I have seen some amazing results also. My stamina had risen and I was able to run so much faster without feeling any trouble in breathing. I could also recover quicker. I think that is coming from the fact that I was eating green vegetables at night. I never felt my body so energized. My body weight stayed at 77 to 80 kg. Sometimes when not doing anything I could feel some warmness coming from my stomach. Like a good sensation diffusing in the rest of my body. Did I just found something? A secret ?


Finally, How to Answer ? Does Diet Works For Everyone ? 

To answer precisely to our question. I believe from my own experience that it is first, a question of genetics, then the mind also have an effect in the body for example of you are not a lazy person. The body metabolism also or how your body naturally burns fat. I have seen several documentaries in that subject and it is not yet well defined by the scientists. Because for example I have seen a documentary that I don’t remember where ( sorry) but comparing Americans and French saying that even if French people were eating fast foods and food that has lot of butter, they still look slimmer and fit in comparison to Americans who tend to look "stronger" (more fatty).

It is maybe also the quality of the food that people eat which is involved in the process, having less of industrial food and more traditionally produced food maybe.

Hope that I could help you a bit. Please share with us your experience in the comment section.


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How do some people stay in shape even if their diet isn't that healthy?

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