Can Living Separately Help For Better Relationships?

Can Living Separately Help For Better Relationships?

Can Living separately For Better Help Relationships?

Living apart together or LAT phenomenon

Losing money, house or the chance to see your children are among the problems that happen when you get married and decide to legally separate.
Like the hidden side of the moon, when you discover how your partner lives and the difference between the one that you already know and another "hidden face" that you were unaware of. The expectation versus the hard reality. Living separately is a trend but not a solution. With the development and multiplication of applications helping mankind to "try" some other partners, the "traditional couple" finds it hard to last long. Isn't it more about human behavior ?

Couples facts comparison

6100 marriages every million habitant for 2500 divorces in the United States. The marriage rates are decreasing, same for the divorces. There is a correlation between both, because more and more persons plan to live together but don't value marriage as in our grand fathers times. In France, the rate of 50% of divorce after 4 to 7 years has decreased recently to represent only 60000 divorces per year. 

Living apart is not only for wealthy people but in some European countries there are some tax reductions and advantages when they get officially married.

All those information are missing precision because this is only coming from statistics from court decisions. Some unions are made in the religious circle and still considered to be legit marriages.


Living apart but ...

What do you want for yourself ?

  • You don't want to have thousands or relations that are going to change the way you see others.
  • You don't want to lose trust and be confident that you can have a bright future and get older with a true ally, your partner.
  • You don't want hope until you realize that the society has changed.

If you are a couple or someone looking for a stable relationship want :

  • You want to find love and true friendship.
  • You want to have a house that reflects who you are and live in harmony with your family.
  • You want to become an example and be seen has a good advisor.


Living together is finally what we wish for you

Some don't desire to have a provider and stay independent.

What about respect, humility, sharing, patience and building goals together? A real project! And the complaint of not being present physically or emotionally?

Which couples have truly lasted long in the happiness? Isn't it the ones of our grand fathers times. Is is better now? There is a lot to meditate because a household and its warmness is all about the crowd living in it. Our technological evolution and the presence of screen devices are not really helping with the growing loneliness of young and old citizens. Now people realize that they prefer to live alone. 

Chikara Houses concept is about, You, building your home environment for success. The community is very important in it. Having your squad and supporters with you, preparing your home business and becoming the best entrepreneur for freedom. It is true that your environment is important but Chikara Houses concept is encouraging human beings to live together. If you are still in a studying phase, Yes, for sure, living separate is better to stay focus. Chikara Houses concept raised because we believed that in the future there will be more and more people living in shared houses or apartment. We share our experience and provide best advice from real life, in order to feel good anywhere in the world.

Finally, when studies are done, move in Chikara Houses concept type of home and build your future together. Prepare the best place ever to live with your kids. what are you really dreaming of ? Share your thought with us as it is a complex subject.


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Can Living Separately Help For Better Relationship?

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