Minimalist Living Lifestyle

Minimalist Living Lifestyle

Minimalist CoLiving Lifetsyle

Why did Chikara Houses concepts opted for Japanese minimal living style?

Why now that we have everything, fast connections, we can travel everywhere, we can communicate, express ourselves, we can learn whatever we want , We still feel unhappy or alone even with thousands of friends on social networks? 

We are humans and we need an environment positive around us, we need bonding relationships, we need comfort, safety and enjoyment at home. We all have something special that we have to hide.

Now with Chikara Houses concept type of hub of success, we can act and move in the direction of what we like and stop following others because we have too. It is affecting our mental health and physical health because we can see that burnout is increasing.

Why not make a home base, cocoon of our ambitions?

An increase of quality time has been observed through our past experiences. The personal taste of residents could be expressed better with one object of theirs. Financially it is more sustainable. It is easy to build Chikara Houses concept. Just buy all you need and get delivered. It saves time, it is easier to clean and identify pests. See our rooms

Japanese minimalist living option is also psychological. Because Chikara Houses concept is creating an environment for successful living, people have found a place where they can really focus on their goal. Nothing else to disturb them. Implementing rapidly their ideas without any barriers at home. Having thoughts, acting and making changes necessary to execute them.

Action is what makes the difference between people who dream and people who make it. Some will keep it in tehri mind when others will see the tangibility of their idea. This is how a barrier is broken and the mindset evolves.

Self-sufficiency the goal of minimalistic living style

  • Not having any boss and staying away from the model in which you are supposed to enjoy after having worked hard for 40 years but you are now more than 60 years old and have plenty of physical issues. You really need to succeed and have your own venture to pass on the other side and you will make it more ethical and sustainable because it is your baby.
    • Being able to stay home and still be profitable.
    • Have time for the very important things in life, your family, friends, beloved and mentors.
    • Use only what you find helpful in technology and not be exposed to radiations.

    It can’t be 100% perfect but minimalism helps to not be upset because you had high expectations for something. Your life center is different from others, therefore, your reactions to events are more distant and more thoughtful.

    You are becoming more of an inspirational person. People follow you and listen more to what you are saying. Your voice is important because you could be 100% yourself and succeed like that.

    Not all Chikara Houses concept living spaces are minimalist. The kitchen will have all the modern items needed for example. (See: Rules Rooms)

    It is part of the comfort of the house/apartment to have a nice kitchen.

    It is more a general feeling that you have when you are in a Chikara Houses concept floor space. You will think that it is spacious and well arranged.

    Chikara Houses uses a lot of small individual tables and pillows. You can see that there are no limits in possible configurations as everything is movable around. Being close to the floor in some areas and around a higher table in some others like the dining room.

    Visit Chikara Houses rules room, have a little inspection of our house rules.


    Have a full overview of the Chikara Houses CoLiving Concept by entering in the different Chikara Houses Rules Rooms and Chikara Houses Needs Rooms:

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    Minimalist CoLiving Lifestyle

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