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Best VPN Services: Super Fast VPN | Safety Navigation

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Best VPN Services: Super Fast VPN

It is very familiar to see some people catching up on their work in a public cafe, while they are browsing, checking their bank accounts or anything that requires login (Social network, emails...etc) they don’t realise that they are offering all their details to potential hackers who know that they can pass through this public network to change this nice coffee moment into a disaster moment.

Do you see yourself in this scenario?

If you are looking for a free VPN selection and at the same time want high levels of personal network, personal browser and personal data protection, you can leave this page. 

The best VPN services, secure, having lots of different connection points around the globe, are all paid services. They are very cheap compared to all the safety advantages and freedom you get by having them in your devices.

A little fee for an increased performance in internet connection thanks to their technologies and the ability to connect from anywhere, even from non safe internet spots like malls, cafes, hotels, train stations, airports, cities public wifi spots, restaurants, or any free wifi spot.

Why nowadays people need a VPN when they could browse into the internet without any issues before then?

The internet has changed, there is an increase in safety issues. You don’t want people to locate your personal IP because this could give them access to your personal computer and network.

When you are connected using a public Wi-Fi, the risks of Man-n-the-Middle attack is very high. This is when you send your information from your computer to somewhere else and someone comes in the middle to read it. 

When business owners believe their offering free Wi-Fi and a nice service for their guest, hotspot can be malicious or even infect your device with the Malware Distribution problem.

In fact, if not set properly their rooting system might be set wrongly as rooters are by default offering unencrypted connection. If a technician has been paid to do the job, then, it may have been set properly, if not , and you are not sure, you risk having someone and others in the same hotspot being able to see all of your personal information.

There is long list of risks but it is not limited to those as we enumerate only the most common ones:

  • Men-in-the-Middle
  • Malware Sharing
  • Unencrypted network
  • Snooping and sniffing to get all your credentials using a special software

That is why you need a VPN as it is  the solution to limit risks at the moment. As we advance in time, technology is also evolving, today everybody needs a VPN to secure smartphones, tablets, Mac or PCs.

Some other people find it useful as well for other reason like:

  • Avoid your Facebook account to be blocked without any reasons because the not clever Facebook AI doesn’t understand that people connect from their holiday country to post pictures and chat with their friends
  • Market research: doing some marketing research from consumers located in any country in the world. See the search results from search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo and more) when you are located in another city or country.

What else can I do to limit risks of intrusion or protect my personal information?

  • Use only HTTPS type of web connection, some of them are only HTTP (without the “S”). If you are using Chrome browser for example, there will be an indication that it is not a secure connection. Don’t use those.
  • When connecting in a hotspot (Public Wi-Fi), do not login into any sensitive account.
  • Use a VPN like ExpressVPN or Nord VPN. So first connect to the hotspot (Public Wi-Fi) then activate your VPN connection to secure your data and browsing.
  • Do not activate Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when you don’t use them.
  • Deactivate file sharing
  • Do not login on any pop up window, but go to your browser and use the website with HTTPS connection if you really want to login.

Public wifi data collection risk and intrusion risk

Pros of VPN

  • Hide your online identity
  • No geographical blocks
  • Improves your bandwidth
  • Improves your internet connection
  • Secures your online connection
  • Improves your gaming experience, no more geographical restrictions, you can play all games.
  • Avoid online price discrimination. Recognizing your IP permits to change the price and make items or services more expensive for you.
  • Paid VPNs are multi device VPNs. You can pay for one subscription and get all your devices protected with the same credentials.

Cons of VPN

  • VPN isn’t 100% guaranteed to protect you from every threat. It is important to always follow updates to have the latest version because hackers are always trying to find new ways to go around the problem.
  • Free VPN risk that actually is not efficient and keep logs of your activity which can be a threat to your privacy.
  • Quality VPNs are paid VPNs otherwise how would it be possible to be so efficient. At one moment they need to make money.
  • Some devices configuration doesn’t support VPNs. You need to see with a technician to make it compatible or buy a new device more up to date and compatible.

2 Best VPN services for Past Years

Chikara Houses concept has selected the two number 1 trusted leaders in VPN.

It is not a VPN comparison, we recommend both. You can go through their web pages and see talks to you best.

ExpressVPN service

  • The all access pass to global content : goodbye to censorship and restrictions
  • A safer internet in an easy one click: Shopping online or on Public Wi-Fi, you don’t need to be exposed.
  • Use your credential on all devices: all covered in one subscription

Express VPN is:

  • Safer data Protection
  • Online without Borders
  • Ultra-fast connectivity
  • And more like unlimited bandwidth

There is a numerous of good reviews about this Express VPN service and top notch magazines had talk about them (like Forbes magazine for example)

They have a limited offer at the moment with their always 30 money back guaranteed.


NordVPN service

  • They have always deal on their plans at the moment they offer a limited deal which makes it very cheap compared to what they offer. Don't forget that there are the bests listed here.
  • They also had been on Forbes and other reputable magazines because of their good service.
  • They help you to safely combine privacy and entertainment

NordVPN is:

  • Next Generation Encryption: protection against hackers and snoopers.
  • Strict no-logs policy: Same as Express VPN they don’t record or keep your logs. Therefore, they are a real quality VPN service.
  • Servers everywhere
  • The fastest VPN on the planet
  • Works also on all devices, same as Express VPN service.

They also have numerous reviews from real users and technical professionals.

The Huffington post, the guardian, Forbes, Yahoo Tech and more have all talked about this amazing Nord VPN service.

Same as Express VPN they are offering some discounts on yearly subscription with a usual 30 days money back guarantee.

You can go through their website and choose any of those two VPN services, they are very similar and offer top notch services.

This article provided in this page is only educational information to readers, keep in mind that there is nothing to prevent all types of cybercrimes, fraud, data theft or identity theft.

We want readers from Chikara Houses concept to be able to protect their personal environment while working, studying, enjoying or browsing through sensitive personal information sites with their personal devices, smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC. Protect your home base!


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Best VPN Services: Super Fast VPN

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