chikara houses 9 rules 5 needs vs colocation success business from hoem with human self improvement room with plant and woody furniture providing warmness and relaxing home interior

Chikara Houses 9 Rules 5 Needs vs Colocation

Chikara Houses 9 rules 5 needs vs Colocation

It can be your own apartment/house. It can also be a place that your are entirely renting and have the approval from your landlord to create a Chikara Houses.
The landlord leaving you with the responsibilities to find new tenants. It is not just colocation, it is sharing common areas and having also private ones.

Have a full overview by entering the Chikara Houses Rules Rooms and Chikara Houses Needs Rooms:

9 Rules Rooms:

5 Needs Rooms:


Chikara Houses 9 rules 5 needs vs Colocation

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