Environment and success by Chikara Houses

Environment and success by Chikara Houses

Environment and success


How is your environment hurting your chances of success?

Philosophy has been arguing for centuries with a group thinking that we are born with a genetic code that is going to express itself and another group thinking that no matter what we will be influenced by the people we meet, society and our desires will change. Are we the cause of our failure or is it already set at the society level?

For sure we could write lots of books having contrary opinions, but there is definitely a formula to succeed in life.

For school or for work, we all experienced it by seeing friends abide by all the rules, even sacrifice some part of their personal life to make sure they please the teacher or the boss.

But this has a downside, it creates stress and burnout. When people are keeping inside all they want to do, to just follow the thinking of a system, or other people it can be harmful to their psychological health.

More than that, they just become people being able to follow rules and not being able to create new things, to think out of the box. 

Psychologists have been studying the impact of different types of work managers and we all heard about transactional managers, visionary managers, authoritarian managers, laissez-faire managers and more.

Isn’t it hurting your chances of success?

It is not hurting your chances of success. You need to identify them and adapt. But if you are not able to express yourself, have an impact or see how your skills fit and can be used, you better try to work on the side for your freedom and economic independence.

For Chikara Houses concept it is not the way we see success. We see it with people creating their own content from their own passion.

People who don’t follow others but are creating their environment of success. All this from a home hub. 


How your environment affect your success?

The example of the genius at school who is having bad results after having changed habits and friends is not rare. It is hard but have you ever thought about leaving all your friends and keeping around you only the ones that are positive about you and don’t need anything from you.

Just natural people who don’t have any interest in getting something from you but like to be with you and provide you with good vibes and inspiration. You are the powerhouse of your life and you can succeed and inspire others.

Have you ever seen yourself as a leader? You understand that a change has to be made!

Think at your family members and how parents try to create the best environment for their kids for them to succeed in life. Did you do the same for you being now independent? Are you with people that you believe are better than you and from whom you can learn a lot and pass to the next stage.

Chikara Houses concept takes this into consideration, from moving from one country to another we could see how the environment has changed our vision in life.

Being in a country like Japan where most of the foreigners staying in the country have been studying hard to get there has created an environment of highly skilled people around us.

We could learn so much and understand why businesses are fighting all over the world to recruit them.

The place is safe, clean, people have a culture of positive mind, people have character and are fighting in life. Japanese people learn very young to become the best and there is a social pressure around that. It has some negative sides. Environment affects success for sure.

Staying seated in a bench for years and looking at people passing won’t make you succeed. But surrounding yourself with people who have succeeded already or have more knowledge or even think differently can open the doors of success. 

Chikara Houses is creating a place where positive vibes and people are working hard in silence to reach their different goals. Home as a hub of success.

How changing your environment is key to success?

Changing your living environment will affect your mindset the same as when you have a hair cut which is completely different from what it used to. You will feel different, see the horizon and think more, focus more on important things in this life. Doing it from outside may look awkward, so why not do it at home.

Decrease your stress level, be more relaxed, more organized and have some determination to reach that goal that no one believes you can access. Because people see us differently from what we really are.

Chikara Houses concept sees goals and success as challenges. It is not easy. It is just becoming able to resolve issues and progress. Chikara Houses concept is for people who want to elevate and create a new model more promising for the future. Keep your goal secret until you reach it! 

Changing your environment is key to success

  • Some people just change the music that they are listening to depending on which activity they are having.
  • Some others change the color of their walls in order to get more light at home which changes positively their state of mind.

Chikara Houses concept is to create your own subliminal surrounding having only positive messages sent directly to your subconsciousness for a successful result. You will say that it is here that you made this! The place is the key element, second are the people.

Different way of creating an environment for success:

  • See your friends less
  • Change country
  • Change the people you are living with
  • Do not say "I will do it tomorrow" but say "I start writing on the plan"
  • Invest on yourself to learn what you don’t know with people who have succeeded
  • Dream super big and keep it secret
  • We are in the advanced technological century but still have a booklet where you hand write your goals and ideas. This will stimulate your mind and deep memory.
  • Be ready to face problems. Whenever you solve problems, record how you did to find a solution. Other people may need your help, inspire others.

Chikara Houses environment

Chiraka Houses concept has received many people who had different goals. It has been multicultural so very powerful for people to learn from each other.

Some during their stay tried to eat healthy, some others to start doing sport and become regular at it, some others increased their productivity, some shy people wanted to become more interactive and by-pass their fear. 

The physical environment and the few rules(link to rules rooms) have made it 100% successful for everyone who came to Chikara Houses. The reviews of the temporary guests talk for themselves.


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Environment and success


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