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Environment for success, reorganization of friendships

Environment for success, reorganization of friendships


When it comes to achieving success, it's not just about hard work and dedication. The environment we surround ourselves with can have a huge impact on our ability to reach our goals. Two key factors to consider:
The people we choose to surround ourselves with.
The reorganization of our friendships to align with our goals.


Change Your Environment And Choose Your Friends Wisely

One key aspect of creating an environment for success is choosing the special people to have in our lives. Supportive individuals can help to motivate and inspire us to achieve our goals. While, toxic relationships can hinder our progress. Do not fall on that trap, people who like you don't want you to change. Your self being is probable contributing to their life balance. Your goals are not aligned, thus, conflicts can arise.

  • Conflicts
  • Jealousy
  • Fear of losing your close relationship can be part of the list of reasons.


Friendships: Enrich your life and improve your health

We shouldn't cut out all negative influences, but we should maintain a balance. Individuals with more positive relationships than negative, have better physical and mental health (Berkley, 2018). It's important to nourish and focus on positive relationships.

One way to do this is by seeking out new connections with like-minded individuals who share same goals and values. How ? (examples)

  • Joining a club or organization.
  • Attending networking events.
  • Reaching out to individuals in our industry or field of interest.

Also, you have to reorganize your friendships and reprioritize those. This may involve letting go of relationships that no longer serve you or are not supportive of our goals. It is not easy to do. Realize that your time and energy are limited resources. Keep the good, change the ranking of the bad ones.

How to create an environment for success ?

  • Set boundaries with your relationships.
  • Redefine who you are more precisely.
  • Define what you tolerate.
  • Communicate your need and willing to other.

Setting boundaries can help to protect your time and energy. What you are doing, is ensuring that your relationships are healthy and supportive.


How Your Circle of Friends Influence Who You Become

It is surprising to see how relationships can change over time. Some friends will go and some other will flourish. Studies prove that individuals who were able to let go of relationships that no longer fit their current goals and values have greater well-being and satisfaction in life (Utah, 2017) .

In conclusion,

Creating an environment for success involves being mindful of the people we choose to surround ourselves with. Chikara Houses have set rules for owners and tenants to be happy. Seek for positive relationships, reassess your friendships and finally reorganize those. as our goals and values evolve. Chikara Houses believe that you can start from zero. By creating your custom supportive network (social media personal branding, sports communities, forums, shows...), you can increase your chances of success.

Are you going to follow the Chikara Houses success spirit mindset ? Comment on how you believe this article cover one topic that is not well considered by people in general. 

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Environment for success, reorganization of friendships

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