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How is Good Academic Records important?

How is Good Academic Records important?

How I flipped around the conventional model to recover from my school past failures…

Imagine my story as if it was you and what you would have done…


School was a non paid job for me

When I was at school, specially from 11 years old to 18, I always hated doing homework. I was very alert and conscious that I am probably living the best years of my life and I didn’t want to pass my time, precious young time, to fulfil my homework duty. Yes! Because I have seen it more like a job not being paid and always told to myself, if it was for me, I would do it, but it is more a society thing, for the parents, the teacher or other people that I didn’t care of. What I wanted to do was only enjoying my young life moments.


Academic Failure At The Corner With The Wrong Strategy, Does It Anyway Matter ?

The result of that was terrible as I had very bad scores and was almost always close to do a second year. I managed (And I still don’t understand how?!) to get my middle school certification and succeed at the exam. Maybe because I had some interests in science. This strategy had definitely found its limits there since it didn’t work in high school where I followed the scientific path but failed twice (two years in a row) on exit exams.

3 Reasons Why It Didn't Work

  1. The right mindset wasn’t there.
  2. The cons of freedom (LoL) gave me the opportunity to do what I wanted but not satisfy my parents so not a really leading to a good home environment overall.
  3. No real structure at school to face or identify those issues and address them appropriately.


The Army And An International Company To Get Some Rules And Understand Another Side Of The Society

Then went to the army for a year and decided thereafter to go in the job market. My strategy was just to find a job, then evolve in the company. But it wasn’t that easy. I followed an internal training at Disney to become a leader. I gathered most of my experience there, and it is still serving me now. It is one of the best schools of management I ever been to. I would definitely suggest you to start there. The issue was the income, I was performing so well that I was earning the same as my supervisor and wouldn’t get any pay rise in the next 5 years.

  • Lesson: If there is no scope for the next 5 years for you, just move on! X, Z, Millennial … It doesn’t matter, that how it goes today, people don’t want to be hire and stay at the same position until retirement. People evolve or have self-promotions by getting a new job with higher responsibility.


What About Starting a Business Without Good Academic Records?

I then decided to sell apartments. It was my first experience has a business director, I was 25 years old and after I one year I wind up the company I have created. It was so tough, so dirty market, the competition was using colluding technics to keep their monopole, this with the sectors notary practices. Anyway…

  • Lesson: 
  1. Save, save, save money before starting any business because licenses, taxes, insurances, transport, coffees with clients…etc… starts to be a lot when you are not making sales. And, it is not easy to make a sale.
  2. Get a mentor, learn as much as you can, do some internship and ask a lot of questions to prepare your plan for the future company that you want to create.
  3. Know your gapes and train yourself or with a professional help to tackle your.


Why is This Article Titled "Good Academic Records" ?

Let me explain why the title is about “Good Academic Records”

Self Though Languages

I was so bad at languages, I learned Spanish and English for 7 or 8 years. But if you have red the beginning you will understand that I wasn’t also good at it because of my attitude towards school.

First Adventure Success Thanks To My Self Though Language

I decided to go the Netherland where I found a job opportunity in Amsterdam. After 6 months, I was able to market, write reports, do some accounts payables and support, All in English!

Kept Learning By Experiencing

I then went in Spain, one week in Cordoba and another in Barcelona, I stayed with Spanish families who brought my Spanish level to the perfect fluency (some extra trips at Lloret del Mar also. But it’s been a while I didn’t use Spanish; I might need 1 or 2 weeks to regain my level).

Pushing My Limits And Touching The Finance World

Lastly but not the least, I went for a year in Japan and learned Japanese as well, working in English, socializing in Japanese after work. I was working in the Forex market and then I worked for Abercrombie & Fitch helping them to open their first ever store in Japan (Tokyo, Ginza Store).

Then everything changed and started to become interesting…


An Inspiring Story Of a Late Entry At University And Success


The Uncle of My Friend Story

A friend of mine told me a story about his uncle who wasn’t very good at school and everyone was laughing at him. He arrived to the age of around 35 years old and didn’t say anything to no one and starts studying. He surprised his all family after 7 or 8 years when they knew that he became a doctor. Now he is making more money than anyone else. This story, I didn’t believe it and tested my friend several times in different moment of life and different time. I understood that it is true. I kept it on my mind.

We were unemployed on that time and struggling:

  • My friend: I have an uncle he is a doctor in Medicine in the South of France.
  • Me: Oh! Cool, but why are you talking about him now?
  • My friend: He’s been a very bad student and stayed unemployed for a while.
  • Me: Hahahaha, ok! you telling me that because of our situation. Hahahaha
  • My friend: Everyone was making fun of him, but in his back and he could guess it.
  • Me: I hate people talking in the back of others.
  • My friend: But you know what? One day he decided to go to the medicine faculty and secretly started studying. (in France you can study for free or almost).
  • Me: I can guess what you are going to say, but I don’t believe you hahaha
  • My friend: NOOoo! I swear! listen! After 8 years struggling, he became a doctor in his mid-40s and now he is super rich. And he is proud and humble.
  • Me: Popopopo! What a story! It is impossible!
  • My friend: No, it is possible, I witnessed it. It proves that we can make it…

The power is on your hands story! Game changing for me…
I have seen some movies or Japanese anime with this kind of story but believed that I could also make it. Specially that i planned to experience life from 20 to 40. From now I will stop experiencing and perform a little before 40.


Focus On Myself, Redefine My Surroundings And Environment To Jump Forward

Big meeting with myself to reorganize everything! 

Direction Australia

In 2013, at 31, I didn’t tell anyone around me and decided to jump into a plane, booked my hotel while flying and went one year in Australia and have seen how the environment was. I never felt like this before. It was just the perfect environment for me to restart everything.

Restart Everything by Enrolling in Courses With The Goal Of Becoming The Best

In 2014, I started a Diploma of Management learned many things, but more than everything, it was my first return to the model I hated when I was kid, but this time, it was for myself and to validate all the things I have learned in my working journey around the globe. One year after, in 2015, I graduated with high distinctions.

In 2016, I decide to keep going, I started a Bachelor of Business Accounting. It was even more exiting for me and a big challenge. I managed to finish it in 2 years and half, in 2018. I was first in my promo and had a GPA of 4.6, got the Academic Excellence Award.

Build a Business To Keep Learning

Now in 2019, I have created my own business and I am learning, learning and learning! More and more! Always! I learn by doing. It is a test to see how good I will be this time in my business venture compare to the time when I failed in my real estate adventure for example.

Good Academic Records didn’t help my friends in general to get a better job but having a good network, Yes!

If you want to become a doctor you better study while you are still young because the story of my friend’s uncle is super pretty rare and it is time consuming study.


Experience More Valuable Than Academic Records

Nowadays, more and more companies are focusing on work experience rather than academic achievements. The sector of IT is the best example of it.

Talk To Your Friends

Sometimes you don’t achieve anything but some people around you do. Talk about them around you, you might influence the life decisions of your friends in a good way giving them hope and pushing them to do differently and be inspired by your story.

Today I am trying something new that I always wanted to do, open my own store and home concept, I don’t think that it requires good academic records to do so as numerous examples proved that timing in life is more important than anything. I just studied at the right moment and had the chance to experience a lot.


"Good Academic Records! That was the title! The lesson is to not just give up because we all have different journey in this life. Good academic records are not crucial but can build confidence! It is more delicious to enjoy your achievement when it is for the pleasure of learning."

What about you? What was your path? Are you also wanting to get out of the conventional road and take risks?

I will be happy to hear about it.


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How is Good Academic Records important?

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