How To Handle Your Coliving and Apartments For Rent Business Plan

How To Handle Your Coliving and Apartments For Rent Business Plan

How To Handle Your Co-living and Apartments For Rent Business Plan

You want please to feel good and provide them with a top notch private area or shared. A friendly home that fits anyone because of its incomparability. The one coming in should feel like you though about everything and that the building is safe.

The value

What is in the house that makes it special?

It is very hard to answer to this question and probably as soon as you will find something to differentiate your service, some other people will just do the same.

Where you can make the difference is in how consistent your are. You are not just learning how to start a co living business, you are providing a space which is like you love it yourself. You will then advertise what you like. Therefore, attract your soulmates. At least, you will have some common points and standards.

The other value: the money.

Tell them how much your basic members are saving. Have it as the first key point of your list of advantages.

Use a table that compares prices and what is included in your living business.Rent, Bicycles, Utilities, Washer/Dryer, Transport Card, Cleaning, Supplies, Wifi, Cupboard with Food Set, Total Cost...

If you have an expensive living area that they have access to, tell them the value in dollars of that area of your apartment. This will increase the perceived value of their experience.

What options should you deal with?

  • Private Room: enumerate the furniture available.
  • Furniture in your common areas: Cite some of the nice brand names machines that you have. Like coffee machine maker, the different blends available, the furniture material or stories around furniture and members interactions. Give them a soul.
  • Kitchen and free space areas to store food: Make sure you have enough fridge space. In Chikara Houses apartments, there are always two fridges at least. Residents shouldn't feel like they are too many people in the apartment. List all the essentials. Navigate through the site and see the Chikara Houses "Friendly Kitchen Area" to share food.
  • Cleaning: Chikara Houses owners are the actual cleaners of the house, but recently, we have seen that numerous cleaning services have flourished. If you hire cleaners, make sure that they just clean shared areas of the house (kitchen, bathroom, living room, balcony, backyard...etc). In our previous Sydney apartment, we had no cockroaches. People fear some insects, the city if full of it, tell them that you are making sure that your place is the best because you don't have any of these at home. This is super powerful.
  • Free Dryer and Laundry: Even if it noisy, it is very important to give the ability for members to not leave the apartment if they want to. The bad weather or the fact that some people are shy or uncomfortable when moving in a new house, may require you to provide that for free. Why wouldn't you just let them be at home? and calculate the electricity bill to know how to set your rental prices with this included. In you advertisement, their should be a warming about the noise cause by the laundry and the dryer, balanced with some information about the fact that it can be done during daytime. This advise is good but not realistic of what Chikara Houses have done in the past. Chikara Houses permitted residents to run laundry and dryer at any time. People just leave with it and probably that what made it more real. You have to judge if you believe that it is better. 
  • Safety and Friendly: Members need to know that they will always be invited but obliged to participate to events. They also need to you to advertise that the unit is in a nice building. Say for example that the building has camera 24h/7 and that the building management is reachable easily. You can add that they fix issues on the same day (electricity, plumbing...etc)



All those points make sense and you brainstorm and go even deeper into the thinking of it. Understand that it is consistency that make you win and experience. People think that is very difficult but focusing on the core human needs and knowing how to talk about what makes your place a beautiful area in the word, are the take away of this shared idea.


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How To Handle Your Co-living and Apartments For Rent Business Plan

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