Is GPA really important for international student?

Is GPA really important for international student?

Is GPA really important foe international student?

There are no minimum academic requirements

I believe it is not important because companies are shifting to give the advantage to more experienced based rather than academic records based candidates.

Also it depends on what is goal. Do you study because you are interested in a subject and having fun or do you study towards an income goal?


Is GPA really important for international student visa ?

If you see my story that I have posted here: How is Good Academic Records important? You will see that I have followed a different path from everyone else. Initially, I hated studying and I am not sure of the model of leaving your life centered in a professional career to them at 60 something years old go in retirement and start enjoying life.

I think we should experience more while being young and calm down with the age focusing on the importance of transmitting to real life knowledge to next generations. Maybe maturing enough to start your own venture and reaching self-satisfaction levels of Maslow's will enrich you (healthy also I believe because you can pursue this activity even after you retire).


Minimum GPA for international students in USA

I personally studied to get a safe academic recognition but it is not serving me to find a new job but more for me to validate everything I did before and get an update on the theoretical side. I got a 4.6 GPA, I didn’t go in a top ranked university but in mine teachers from the top rank universities where lecturing as casuals teachers. So I got a pretty good tuition.

When you say international student, it is important to know after where you want to land. Are you going to settle? or go in another country? or back home?... It also depends on your degree because some fields are in shortage all over the world pushing employers to recruit students even before they finish their curriculum, training them from scratch. I am thinking of Medical Science and IT for example.


International students grades

To conclude, high GPA is always good for you but the market is focuses on practical experience. Be able to explain in details what you can actually do, to train other people or be ready for the job tasks without internal training.


  • Check some job description.
  • Summarize what is required.
  • See where are your gaps.
  • Produce some effort in learning those skills through a project that you will be able to showcase.

All this staying in the mindset of someone who always want to learn more identifying what a company can give you in return. See yourself as a highly valuable skilled person who is coming with an history and will benefit to the work environment. 

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Is GPA really important for international student?

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