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NFT Collection Launch Digital Art Forever Pinned

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NFT Collection Launch Digital Art Forever Pinned

NFT which artist to follow ?

In 2021, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) dominated discussions in the artistic world. The sale of these unique crypto assets, often in the form of images, has spread and becoming more and more popular.

  • NFT Beeple sold for $ 69 million.
  • Twitter founder Jack Dorsey who sold his first NFT for $ 3 million.

The first NFTs exists since a while but with the boom of crypto currencies people were increasingly interested in the decentralized system. That is when the artists who get their creation copied and modified found some utility in pinning their art digitally. 

The best NFT art artists

You probably heard about: Beeple, Trevor Jones, Mad Dog Jones, Jose delbo, Fewocious, 3LAU, XCOPY

Other artists will present their works as NFT art

Opensea is the leading platform where more and more people are selling their creations.

This technology makes the files non-fongible, therefore, unique. Artists can set royalty fees to get a percentage paid to them on each resell of their art. Isn't that great.

Some businesses and artists are sending the physical item when the token is bought. 

The end consumer has the proof of authenticity digitally and the physical item. From that point the same system can be repeated but now the original artist or business will be automatically getting a share of that sale. This forever. At the moment, artists can get up to 10% royalties. The market it is ranging from 3% to 8% in general.

If these trends continue, the best NFT artists, like those mentioned above, will have a bright future in the NFT space. Are NFTs the future of art? Their great popularity and role in this ever-changing world suggests that yes, NFTs are here to stay.


Creditizens rising NFT project


In some cities around the world, pilot cites are using algorithms to track citizens and give them a social credit score. This project is inspired by that and the artist here is using hand drawing, digital drawing like photoshop, programming tools and services to make sure that the NFTs are non-fongible by pinning files on the IPFS network.

Here the concept is about a world of surveillance where people will be hidding their true face or good one. The artist have chosen a kind of table game card model to display like in ancient 80s games the hidden properties of each Creditizens.


32 different properties creating rarity across 10000 Creditizens unique NFTs. Unique by how they look and by which hidden properties they have.

Only the owner can see the hidden properties. That is how people can gather and create moments of role play gaming. 

Interesting early adopters scaling plan

First 2000 CTZ : 114 MATIC or ETH equivalent
2001 to 4000 CTZ : 264 MATIC or ETH equivalent
4001 to 6000 CTZ : 530 MATIC or ETH equivalent
6001 to 8000 CTZ : 1060 MATIC or ETH equivalent
8001 to 10000 CTZ : 2631 MATIC or ETH equivalent


For the moment no game has been developped but future collection will be rewarding holders of this first Creditizens collection.


More information:

  1. The reveal date of those NFTs is on the 26/11/2021 (26 november 2021)
  2. The maximum mint is set at 8 and royalty fees on opensea are set at 3.5%
  3. People can get those NFTs before everyone by using their minting dapp: here
  4. or if you are already aware of the phenomenon, you can mint from the smart contract directly on Polygonscan: here
  5. Artist is French living between Paris, Tokyo and Dakar: twitter  
  6. Inspired by Van Gogh, the artist likes to draw and have fun. Being a Full Stack Python Developer and interested in the the finance world, it is naturally that the artist meets the blockchain and digital generative coding. Hashlips Youtube channel have helped to learn about Solidity and more. It is just the beginning of the journey.
  7. You need a metamask chrome extension wallet and get some Matic from the Polygon network.

 Are you an early adopter or do you just wait until the crowd gets bigger before participating ?

What do you think about NFT digital assets and their potential ?


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NFT Collection Launch Digital Art Forever Pinned

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